What’s Up at Tonight’s Algonquin Township Board Meeting

Here is what is on the agenda for Algonquin Township Wednesday night at 7:

  • Ordinance ascertaining the Prevailing Wage Rates for the Algonquin Township Highway Dept.
  • Ordinance ascertaining the Prevailing Wage Rates for the Township of Algonquin.
  • Nominate Trustee Chapman as special representative for the Township in helping coordinate the efforts with the residents of unincorporated Algonquin that receive their water from LITH.
  • Discussion to put all Township bills online.
  • Discussion of SMARSH Computer Tracking System.
  • Resolution requesting all attorney’s doing business with the Algonquin Township & Hwy. Dept. must carry malpractice insurance.
  • Resolution Appointing Deputy Clerk.
  • Discussion in regard to an intergovernmental agreement for the Township to purchase the trailer with tables, chairs and tents from the Highway Dept.
  • Resolution urging IDOT not to install curbs on any more of Route 62.
  • Resolution on Nepotism.

Please refer to the recommendations made by McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally at the end of his report on Robert Miller and his time as  Algonquin Township Road Commissioner in the reprinted article just below this one and you will see the only suggestion being addressed at tonight’s meeting is nepotism.

Not on the agenda are

  • fringe benefits
  • definition of all types of Road District spending
  • Prohibiting Trustees or any Township official from approving any Road District employee compensation that is not specifically provided for in an employee’s written and/or labor contract and in accord with the Road District’s Personnel Policy
  • a purchasing policy detailing competitive and non-bid procedures
  • a policy tracking and reporting all accrued Road District expenditures
  • abolishing or consolidating the Road District

Anyone can get three minutes to comment.


What’s Up at Tonight’s Algonquin Township Board Meeting — 4 Comments

  1. Denise Ambroziak, the Crystal Lake attorney representing the Edgar County Watchdogs?

  2. I’m concerned she’ll drag it on like Hanlon has even after being shut down multiple times. My tax $$$$ friend.

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