2016 Statistics for McHenry County Schools – Demographic Data

A while ago, a commenter asked for more information about schools than whether and how much they increased or decreased taxes since last year.

While data for 2017 is not available, that for 2016 is.

A Friend of McHenry County Blog worked up the information about McHenry County schools that will be posted over the next ten days or so.

Let’s begin with comparative demographic data.

The information below shows the sad correlation between racial minorities and low income.

This is a problem not limited to McHenry County and surely deserves remedial action.

McHenry County School Districts 2016
Enrollment by Race and Income
DISTRICT Type Size Pupils Percent Low Income Percent White Percent Black Percent Hispanic
Nippersink Grade Sch 2 GRADE MEDIUM 1,144 19.8 87.2 0.6 8.5
Fox River Grove Grade Sch 3 GRADE MEDIUM 441 17.0 83.9 0.9 10.0
McHenry Grade Sch 15 GRADE LARGE 4,491 41.5 73.5 1.2 22.0
Riley Grade Sch 18 GRADE MEDIUM 302 27.5 74.5 0.7 22.8
Cary Grade Sch 26 GRADE LARGE 2,429 24.9 74.3 0.5 18.6
Harrison Grade Sch 36 GRADE MEDIUM 368 60.1 82.3 0.5 15.5
Prairie Grove Grade Sch 46 GRADE MEDIUM 724 17.8 86.3 0.8 8.8
Crystal Lake Grade Sch 47 GRADE LARGE 7,535 24.3 71.0 1.9 20.7
Marengo-Union Grade Sch 165 GRADE MEDIUM 1,002 51.8 70.6 1.5 24.4
Marengo High Sch 154 HIGH MEDIUM 711 30.9 76.5 0.6 19.8
Crystal Lake High Sch 155 HIGH LARGE 6,277 18.6 81.3 1.0 12.3
McHenry High Sch 156 HIGH MEDIUM 2,227 32.3 76.8 0.9 18.9
Richmond-Burton High Sch 157 HIGH MEDIUM 727 12.1 87.8 0.3 8.9
Johnsburg Unit Dist 12 UNIT LARGE 1,903 26.6 89.1 1.0 6.6
Alden Hebron Unit Dist 19 UNIT SMALL 423 40.0 71.9 0.5 26.2
Harvard Unit Dist 50 UNIT LARGE 2,623 99.2 31.5 0.8 65.5
Huntley Unit Dist 158 UNIT LARGE 9,574 15.3 74.9 2.0 11.4
Woodstock Unit Dist 200 UNIT LARGE 6,605 38.8 59.0 2.6 33.3
Algonquin Unit Dist 300 UNIT LARGE 20,708 43.6 48.5 4.9 37.2
State Average     2,344 43.3 72.5 9.1 12.0
Chicago UNIT LARGE 382,929 83.1 10.0 37.6 46.4

I find it virtually incomprehensible that 99% of those attending Harvard schools are classified as “low income.”

Chicago’s percentage is only 83.1%.

The McHenry County school district with the next highest percentage of low income students is Wonder Lake’s Harrison at 60.%

Marengo’s Grade School district is at 50.1%.

Huntley, Fox River Grove and Prairie Grove have the smallest low income percentages.



2016 Statistics for McHenry County Schools – Demographic Data — 13 Comments

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  3. Warren is right on regarding fedup. The others will show up soon to get their feed on.

    When one looks at what is the largest factor in student progress, the poverty rates, Harvard has a lot of poverty. Of those living in poverty, a high percentage are white. Silly me to look at these important stats. That being said, the hard numbers( enrollment) are really more telling, as opposed to percentages with such a small district.

    But the racists are just too stuck in their little racist world to think very much.

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    Unless, of course, you don’t think that they pay rent anywhere. Or sales tax on anything they buy. Or that they’re someone how vastly different than the vast majority of undocumented immigrants who also pay income taxes.

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