Murder in Chicago – Where Not to Go

The Washington Post looked at murders in the fifty largest United States cities over ten years and compared them with arrests.

Chicago did not come out looking good.

Where murders occurred in Chicago from 2007-17.

Here are the percentages of arrests:

And the arrests by race of murder victim:



Murder in Chicago – Where Not to Go — 12 Comments

  1. Most of those murders occurred on the south or westsides where there is a huge no snitch policy or mindset of the residents. I’m not concerned.

  2. Arrest rates went down below 20 percent in both 2016 and 2017. Not a good trend.

    Shootings, murders so common in Chicago and on most days that the tv/radio news

    stations report kind of ho-hum. And of course, left wingers and Democrats continue

    to promise that the only if we could have better gun-control laws that the situation
    would improve.

  3. Ah, the joys of diversity in the sanctuary city of Chiraq.
    Bring back capitol punishment and you will begin to control the rodents who infest
    the DEMOCRAT utopia of tiny dancer.

  4. Note to self: when on annual unfortunate trip to Illinois in July, make conceal carry weapon inoperable and inaccessible, so as to not offend criminals in Chicago and Springfield.

  5. I see the “Juneway Jungle” in the far NE corner of Chi-town is still a preferred destination for criminals.

    I’ve never been able to figure that area out.

    They’ve spent a gazillion dollars on redevelopment and it’s in a prime location on the lake and close to two major universities, and it’s still apparently a hellhole.

  6. Armed robberies, car jackings, mobs invading stores and taking goods, mobs on beaches, etc also a good reason to not go to Chicago.

  7. This is so Racist, I can’t believe the Thought Police won’t shut down this entire blog.

  8. @DJ

    Residents of other states who have a concealed carry permit from their home state can legally possess a loaded firearm in their vehicle, but they can’t carry it outside of their vehicle unless they obtain an Illinois non resident carry permit.

  9. Compassionate conservative patriots hate urban Chicago. Compassionate conservative patriots hate rural McHenry County. Therefore, compassionate conservative patriots need some help…tic, toc, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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