Defenders Advocated Abandoning Plastic Straws

From the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County:

Bob Novak

Environmental Defenders of McHenry County business member Riverbottom Ice Cream Co. located in Algonquin and owner Bob Novak, demonstrate the switch from plastic straws to paper as part of The Environmental Defenders’ Last Straw Project.

With a business so close to the Fox River, this ensures that plastic straws will not enter the water or environment from this establishment.

The Last Straw Project advocates for replacing plastic straws with paper and declining straws when dining out. We encourage restaurants and cafes all over McHenry County to ask if patrons need a straw.


Defenders Advocated Abandoning Plastic Straws — 4 Comments

  1. But what about the forests of trees it takes to make all those paper straws and
    the energy it takes to harvest, transport and process the wood into paper ?

  2. Nothing ever tasted the same when they switched from paper to plastic straws. Now there is nothing you should want to drink from a plastic straw. It’s all toxic with things like gmo high fructose corn syrup.

  3. Except for a thick milk shake, why would anyone need a straw?

  4. @HonestAbe, trees grow back a lot faster than fossil fuel. Petrol also has to be extracted, transported, and processed which is probably dirtier than making paper straws. I don’t understand the “conservative” opposition to environmentalism, at least when it’s done in this fashion: that is to say, local and completely voluntary.

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