Chicago Aldermen Have Taken Care of Themselves

When I was a freshman State Representative in 1973, State Reps. were paid $17,500.

Chicago Aldermen were paid $10,000.

Now legislators are paid are paid $67,836, higher if they are a committee chairman or spokesman (which most are).

The lowest-paid Chicago Aldermen get more than $100,000–$104,928 to be exact.

And there are leadership add-ons.

One can talk about the greed of state legislators, but it pales in comparison to Chicago aldermen.


Chicago Aldermen Have Taken Care of Themselves — 5 Comments

  1. Cal, allow me to correct your header with the unvarnished truth of the subject matter:

    Chicago DEMOCRAT Alderman Have Taken Care of Themselves.

  2. I made about $12,000 in 1973, My last year of work before retiring I made over $130,000. Glad I didn’t get into politics!

  3. And that’s how politicians get to rip off the taxpayers.
    Blowhards miss the point but never an opportunity to blow their own trumpet.

  4. Remember a weasel of a character in the early 80’s, who worked the door of a Downtown Bar I bartended part time while in school.

    His personal claim to fame, was he was background cast in a nude scene of porn movie Behind The Green Door.

    Years later he was elected a Chicago Alderman.

    Only in Chicago.

  5. The porno industry would be a good training ground for someone who wants to get into Chicago politics.

    It’s not quite as sleazy, but it’s close.

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