Free Ultra Sounds at Crystal Lake’s Informed Choices

From Informed Choices:

For some women, seeing 2 little blue lines on a pregnancy test is good news, but for others it’s
sheer panic.

In McHenry county alone over 3,000 women will experience an unplanned pregnancy this year.

What if it’s someone you care about?

Where would she go?

Who would she talk to if she was too scared to tell her family?

  • Informed Choices is a safe, confidential place for women, whether 14, 40, married or single, to
    learn about all options; adoption, abortion and parenting. The decision remains hers, but through relationship based care, Informed Choices walks with her through the process.
  • For those who plan to parent, we offer prenatal and parenting education along with material resources like clothing and diapers.
  • If she chooses adoption, Informed Choices provides referrals and works with the adoption agency to provide ongoing emotional support and education throughout her pregnancy.

We also offer a safe place for women who struggle after terminating a pregnancy.

Informed Choices is a faith-based, non-profit organization that has been in our community for over 30 years.

With a small staff of 12, and the help of over 100 volunteers, we operate 2 Pregnancy Centers, a Healthy Choices Program for middle schools, and 2 Resale Stores.

The income from these stores, 3 annual fundraisers, and generous individual and church donations
enable Informed Choices to offer ALL services including ultrasounds, FREE OF CHARGE.

For more information about our services please call 815-455-0965.

The office is located behind Aldi’s at 610 Crystal Point Road.

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