Illinois Policy Lays Out the Real Nepotism Problem in McHenry County

The Northwest Herald’s coverage of Algonquin Township has been horrible at best and usually well below holding to any journalistic standards.

Blogs like this one, The Edgar County Watchdogs, and Illinois Policy seem to know quite a bit more about what is going on.

This article lays out an astounding pattern of nepotism and patronage inside the townships of McHenry County.


Illinois Policy Lays Out the Real Nepotism Problem in McHenry County — 18 Comments

  1. The more convincing argument is our sunshine blogger praising this sunshine blog…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Hence it’s moniker “The Northworst Herald”.
    News for the low info and even lower I.Q. DEMOCRAT party member.

  3. Hmmm. The subject is “nepotism and patronage”. So let’s look at the 25 year-old author of the piece. “Joe Kaiser is a writer for the [“independent”] Illinois Policy Institute. Prior to joining the Institute, Joe was a TV production intern for Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” in Dallas, Texas and an intern for syndicated Milwaukee talk radio host Charlie Sykes and his website “Right Wisconsin.” He also interned with political solutions company Cor Strategies [look ’em up] and has worked in communications on several state, local, federal and grassroots campaigns. Joe graduated from Marquette University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in political science.” His LinkedIn listing suggests Joe is a vigorous networker among Chicago area Republican officeholders and officials.
    By the way, Cal’s supposed to be out of town (again) so someone else probably wrote this piece.

  4. To suggest that the NWH has not become a sensationalist tabloid void of facts is delusional. What was once a reliable news source that was a voice FOR the citizen’s, has lost it’s credibility. If the purpose of the NWH is to combat “Blogs like this one, The Edgar County Watchdogs, and Illinois Policy”, they can consider themselves successful by offering completely bias opinion pieces. Balanced reporting cannot be found within the current Northwest Herald. There are rumors of a boycott for these reason’s, but who knows. As far as Cal being out of town? They have these portable devices now. You can take them with you anywhere, and connect to the whole world.

  5. Good tip Pete.

    Next time I’m out of town, I’ll remember I can’t access the Web.

  6. murmuring? It was NEVER a reliable news source. It was ALWAYS subpar. Just of recent years, it has become the laughing stock of the new world order puppets.

  7. Ah yes, the lizards are using the NWHerald in order to perpetuate the NWO and control common citizens like Cindy. That is totally believable.

    Is there a way we can run Cindy off this blog or give her a better channel for her conspiracy theories? I would love to sit down with her and talk through her delusion, but she’s too far gone. Let’s find her a new home where she’s not completely disruptive.

  8. The Cultural Marxist coward posting here as ARL is far more destructive to society than Cindy will ever be,
    eject him first.

  9. Ah, RacistAbe chimes in finally. I’m willing to bet you are more a communist than I am. You probably take advantage of social security, which is socialist; and medicare, which is socialist; and use the fire department, which is socialist; and rely on the police for safety; which is socialist. Half of those programs above will be gone by the time I’m a crotchety individual like yourself!

  10. @Peteee… So tell me what your point is? Do you need a Leftist point of view to say the facts in the piece is wrong? Have the NWH write a counter to this piece saying that he is factually wrong? It won’t happen because it is not! Trying to deflect the narrative is common but stay on point here and explain to me that Nepotism is a really great thing in government! The tit-for-tat dealings in Township Government and Government itself is really a disgusting problem not only here but in Illinois, Cities, and across the whole US! The worst thing is it is done right under the noses of everyone locally and nothing continues to get done! Hopefully things are starting to turn the other way even if it is slowly!

  11. That the best you got @Spotlight ?
    So typical of a Leftist to play the race card when he lacks the
    intellect to debate an argument.

    Not much bandwidth in your uneducated frontal lobes, eh spotlight?

    BTW, I take your remark as a compliment considering the source for it exposes you
    as the intellectually challenged buffoon that you are.

    Those who cry racist loudest are the racists themselves but
    keep trying because I am enjoying your misery immensely.

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