McHenry Democrats Air Dirty Laundry in Court – Part 1

Kerri Barber

A fight between McHenry County Democrats calling themselves “Progressives” and McHenry Democrats in control of the Central Committee, labeled “Centrists,” found its way in Circuit Court on April 19, 2018.

While not an expert in taxology of the local Democratic Party, the Progressives definitely supported Bernie Sanders two years ago.

Sanderrs carried McHenry County over Hillary Clinton.

The suit was brought by

  • former McHenry County Board and Algonquin Township Trustee candidate Kerri Barber and
  • Heroic Media business associate Katherine Dickerson


  • Michael Bissett, outgoing Party Chairman,
  • his wife, County Board member Paula Yensen,
  • incoming Party Chair Kristina Zahorik (who serves as State Central Committeewoman and on the Oakwood Hills Village Board), and
  • Nancy Zettler, who ran unsuccessfully against Allen Skillicorn for State Rep. and is the Democratic candidate against State Senator Karen McConnaughay.

Mike Bissett

Paula Yensen

The suit is charges

  • defamation per se,
  • false light,
  • commercial disparagement,
  • tortious interference with business relations, and
  • violation of the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Kristina Zahorik

Nancy Zettler

Relief sought from the court is

  • compensatory damages,
  • punitive damages,
  • injunctive relief,
  • statutory legal fees and costs, and
  • all other relief to which they may be entitled as a matter of law.

The case was filed in Woodstock because “most, if not all, of their wrongful conduct in McHenry County,” the suit says.

The introduction to the case continues:

Defendants engaged in intentional conduct by intentionally publishing false and defamatory statements about the Plaintiffs with the knowledge the statements were false.

The Defendants intentional conduct has harmed the Plaintiffs.

The Plaintiffs suffered damages as a result of the Defendants conduct and continue to suffer damages resulting therefrom.

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The facts of the case come tomorrow.

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McHenry Democrats Air Dirty Laundry in Court – Part 1 — 16 Comments

  1. I disagree with my sunshine blogger in one item; he is an expert in Democratic Party taxology…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. I heard Jack Franks was financing one of the groups and is also helping with the lawyers, but not in it himself.

  3. @nob, you have a dog in this fight too? Or, do you just see Gasser’s chasing you from behind in your sleep? Is there a Gasser under your bed? All things lead to Gasser. Your personal hatred has consumed you.

  4. Gasser has set the mood and now others are following.
    If he’d stop wasting my tax money on lawsuits and fix the potholes on township roads I’d have nothing to complain about.
    Your whining about Miller is no different friend.

  5. Ah, the famous DEMOCRAT circle jerk(s) on display for all to see.

  6. So, it looks like Kerri Barber is the best Republican that the McHenry County Republican Party could ask for. Just when it looks like the Democratic Party is positioned for victory in a number of races throughout the County, Kerri Barber is out there trumping up phony baloney that makes the McHenry County Democrats look petty and unfriendly. If Kerri had to go out of her way to be mean, she did a nice job in singling out fellow Democrats like Bisset and Yensen who for years have given so much to help other Democratic candidates. So there are lots of people who are now wondering if Kerri Barber was a Republican all along. After all, she sure is doing a good job in undermining what was looking to be a good election year. Nice job Kerri–just make sure you run as a Republican next time.

  7. Robin “the nob” Mohr who was fired from the Village of Cary and ended up as a bus driver from Miller is a shill. Gasser has set the bar very high and is calling out the political class of which you are a part of.

    Miller’s actions are causing legal fees – not Gasser. Gasser isn’t running for re-election and simply doesn’t care what the Northwest Herald says. You, and others, continue to talk drivel while this works through the court of law.

    Townships are a joke in McHenry County much like the Northwest Herald.

    Frank you are correct – nobody is following Gasser. They are too weak, spineless, and only care about themselves and not the people they were elected to serve. County board members like Kearns and Christensen are just two examples.

  8. Harold what do you dislike about Kearns and Christensen? ( not being sarcastic- I really want to know what they’ve been up to in order to not be considered out for themselves. Thanks.

  9. My understanding is Kerri Barber is close friends with the Marengo bully and former self admitted stripper who is also a very close Franks friend…Nice..

  10. While all these hijinks, shenanigans and skullduggery were brewing and doing, yours truly was “out of the picture” due to developments in unincorporated Cary/McHenry County (adjacent to Oak Wood Hills), among Elgin Township Democrats, & with the AFSCME Local 26, in a state mental health facility known as Elgin Mental Health Center, administrated by the Department of Human Services of the great state of Illinois.

    But please allow us to save that for another day. For now, may it please the court of public opinion that yours truly keep it as simple as simple can be.

    I was out of the picture due to a combination of circumstances which might be best described in a stereotypical American country music ballad.

    But I digress again.

    Pardon my dust.

    My point being that I was not involved, could not have been involved even if I had my druthers, and at this point I am playing ketchup.

    “Catch up.”

    What fresh hell is this?

    Ah, but “eating their own” (our own) is not exclusive to Democrats, Progressives, Centrists, “Hillary Dems,” or any other Liberal or political group.

    Happens to both the best of us and the worst.

    So… what now?

    From Algonquin village (which I refer to as “The Sprawl of Algonquin,” yours truly reads with both fascination and dread.

    Long live the Township.

    Is the Township dead yet?

    This remains to be seen. Scene.

    See yaz, wouldn’t wanna be yaz. -John “Scrapper” Creighton Padilla, or “the Artist who was once known as Corporal Creighton.”

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