McHenry Democrats Air Dirty Laundry in Court – Part 4

The recitation of facts from the viewpoint of the Progressive McHenry County Democrats filing the suit against the Establishment “Centrists” continues with information about Defendants attacking “a family member.”

The family member turns out to be Plaintiff Kerri Barber’s husband, who served as a “District Chair” of the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee.

He “hosted a meeting of all the Precinct Committee Persons for his district.

In the 2016 Algonquin Founders Days Parade, Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett. walked to the right of Ray Flavin’s  banner.

“On the same day, Defendant [Michael] Bisset (sic) scheduled an emergency Democratic Party Board meeting.”

Although her husband attended by phone, Bissett “only distributed the agenda to in-person attendees.

“The agenda included a motion to remove Plaintiff Barber’s husband as a board member.”

“Defendant Bisset falsely stated Plaintiff Barber’s lies were the reason for removing Plaintiff Barber’s husband as a board member.

Bissett, the brief says, “falsely stated that Plaintiff Barber improperly used her Vote Builder access. Improperly using such access constitutes an ethics violation.

“Defendant Bisset falsely stated that Heroic Media profited from the candidates for whom it volunteered stating that the Plaintiffs ‘fleeced candidates'”

Then Bissett asked Barber’s husband to step down from the board, but he refused.

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Tomorrow Kerri Barber’s Heroic Media audit.


McHenry Democrats Air Dirty Laundry in Court – Part 4 — 4 Comments

  1. Why would anyone capable of rational thought and common sense
    want to be associated with these low I.Q. buffoons ?

  2. Today, yours truly, John son of Pete (the Editor of the Galesburg Post) Creighton , am inviting all who read these pages, both Republicans and Democrats, and Independents too, everyone really, to read this with an open mind and when one leaves his or her comments, to please let go of using ad hominem or irrational put-downs aside. Let us reason with each other, in fairness and in honesty, but with civility.

    Civil is defined in the Webster’s Pocket Dictionary thus “of citizens; civilized in manner;formerly polite; of matters that pertain to the rights of individuals” (Trident Press, 20012 Edition).

    I think that if any people are to be a part of making America “great again,” or even just better than it is right now, we must work in concert with those who hold opinions and beliefs which are different one from the other, even clashing.

    “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand” (Mark 3:25)

    That great Republican leader and Illinoisan, Abraham Lincoln, after he had accepted the Illinois Republican Party’s nomination as that state’s US senator, incorporated this theme from the Bible into his now famous speech known as the House Divided speech.

    I am inviting all of us, myself included, to make efforts to rise above the fray, to leap with whole hearts and open eyes into the present moment and future moments to come, to truly strive to help us at least not make fools of ourselves in our efforts to dump our inflated egos into the internet “ether.”

    You can do it!

    You can do it if you try!!!

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