The Nepotism Resolution the Algonquin Township Board Refused to Debate

Earlier this month Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser put an anti-nepotism resolution on the township agenda.  The five decades of single family rule of the highway department was the hot button issue of the 2017 campaign.

In the 52 page report on irregularities at the Algonquin Township Highway Department filed by McHenry County States Attorney Patrick Kenneally stated:

5. Pass an anti-nepotism resolution or ordinance that is adopted by the Highway Commissioner.

The motion was first brought forward for discussion by Trustee Rachael Lawrence.

Melissa Victor and Dave Chapman

Trustee Melissa Victor, Trustee David Chapman, and Trustee Dan Shea remained silent thus allowing the resolution to die.  Below is a copy of the resolution that looks very familiar to the anti-nepotism resolution passed by Algonquin Township Republicans in 2016.

Tomorrow I will post Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser’s anti-nepotism policy put into place.


The Nepotism Resolution the Algonquin Township Board Refused to Debate — 12 Comments

  1. How bout a resolution from Rachael, stranding these three knuckleheads in the Andes, with a team of cannibal soccer players?

  2. Of course they refuse to pass, god forbid victors buddies have to depend on themselves for a living

  3. Kind of disingenuous of Gasser after hiring Provenzono and five other patronage workers.

  4. Did Andrew Gasser post the job listings? How can you prove this nob? Name all the patronage hires.

    This is just more Robin Mohr grandstanding.

  5. Victor, and Chapman can’t support this resolution without foiling their future plans. They’ll ask Kelly to tweak it enough to make it useless. Then pretend to support S/A Kenneally’s recommendation. That is if they don’t smash it altogether, or is that SMARSH.

  6. Harold, he posted one job listing since he took office, uet hired the rest without any advertisements.
    There are three doing office work, wages $22 and 17 per hour, and a part time person also.
    More than Millers admin per hour costs.
    The fact potholes aren’t getting filled regularly isn’t important to Gasser either.
    Truths hurt friend.

  7. Who are the 5 patronage hires, Nob? You failed to answer the question, Nob?

  8. I’d be in favor of all gov agencies passing anti patronage resolutions,
    Gasser just needs to fire his patronage workers and resubmit the proper resolution, then it would most likely get the support from the other board members.

  9. Look at the road dept web page, the two women, Ryan, Andrew H., and two others who’s names I can’t remember right now.
    The mechanic was the advertised one I believe.

  10. Ryan, Andrew H., Colleen S, Dorothy W, John M, Andre H, and Luis T who was a pal of Ryan’s.
    My bad, 6 without advertisements, 1 that was.

  11. Under Miller all employees had to live in the township, a good policy that is no longer in effect under Gasser.

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