Paper Trail Leads to Algonquin Township Highway Department Paying For Questionable Legal Bill

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Did Jim Kelly bill Algonquin Township Road District 5.5 hrs for attending Bob Miller’s private business meeting with Highway Commissioners?

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Last week we exposed former Algonquin Township Road District Highway Commissioner Bob Miller as a walking conflict of interest in this article.

Also in that article was the exposure of James Kelly’s law firm being the agent of record for the private corporation that Bob Miller ran out of the public office which he was elected to.  Now the plot thickens and billing appears to indicate a potential problem if the records are accurate.

According to the Algonquin Township Road District minutes, there were no meetings held on April 1, 2016.  In fact,  records show the only meetings in April of 2016 was the Annual Meeting, April, 12th that lasted six minutes and the regular meeting April 13th that lasted for 27 minutes.

Why is April 1, 2016, an important date?  Because there was a Highway Commissioner’s meeting, as in plural, on that day.  We have been unable to determine if it was the Northern Illinois Township Highway Commissioners or Township Highway Commissioners of McHenry County Association meeting. Both of those associations showed Bob Miller as the President during this time frame.

Regardless, we know there was no Algonquin Township Road District or Township meeting on April 1st, 2016.

That being the case, I wonder what James Kelly’s explanation is going to be for billing the Algonquin Township Road District for 5.5 hours for attending a Highway Commissionersmeeting.   Note that it is, in fact, plural, as in more than one commissioner.

Why would Kelly bill the Algonquin Township Road District for a meeting with other Highway Commissioners?

Unfortunately, we have been unable to get anyone to go on the record about this meeting so all we can report is that we were told this was an association meeting for the Highway Commissioners but are unable to verify which association.  I was told that a denial of this meeting might give the tipster the courage to step up and confirm it on the record.

We have asked Kelly’s law firm to respond but not a peep out of him yet.

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Paper Trail Leads to Algonquin Township Highway Department Paying For Questionable Legal Bill — 11 Comments

  1. Peanuts compared to what A. Gasser is spending on legal services.


  2. You have to figure that if Miller was proven to be behind the Hindenburg disaster, the Lindbergh kidnapping and shooting JFK he’d still be given a pass.

  3. He is NOT Teflon! People, get digging. This is a ring. You have to uncover all of it! Just like SES deep state – they protect each other! Stop being disgruntled and get digging!

  4. Maybe the Dogs will explain how paying for these lobby organizations are different from paying the various school lobby organizations?

  5. verify the lengtrh of the phone call with subpoenaed phone records!

  6. I don’t think the criminals’ mtg went on for 5.5 hours!

    Who’s got the minutes?

  7. Just call Kelly the “bilker”. How dare he send this bill as Township atty when he knows its not township business the taxpayers of Alg. Township should be paying for!!!???

  8. @ Ricky Ricardo your comment above on the 5.5 hours spent on atteding meeting brings to light the 1993 movie, called “The Firm” staring Tom Cruise. In the end, after trying numerous unsuccessful attempts to convict the firm on several charges this was how they brought them down. They simply proved the firm had lied about the billing of hours to the client. Ironically, it was a question on the bar exam that Cruise had studied for and was much easiler to prove and provided an iron clad conviction.

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