Crystal Lake High School Spending vs. Enrollment

Ready for some noodling?

Take a look at this District 155 spending data and then look at enrollment:

The Property Taxes are in millions.

Enrollment decreased 850 students in seven years.

The time for people to pass petitions for next spring’s school board elections is coming soon.

If you are interested, please send me an email.


Crystal Lake High School Spending vs. Enrollment — 6 Comments

  1. It should be a conflict of interest for anyone running for board member to be married to or closely related to a teacher or be a teacher or former teacher. They are the ones who constantly vote to increase taxes again and again.

  2. Not sure Me and Mrs Taxpayer are getting their moneys worth with the highest paid teachers in the county, and the highest taxes in the county.

  3. The district just adopted the FY19 Budget which shows that they are continuing to hemorrhage cash.

    They will have burned through $35.2 million from 6/30/15 through 6/30/19. And the bleeding is scheduled to continue for another 4 to 5 years with additional cash burn of roughly $30-$35 million).

    Here is the breakdown of their Cash balances:

    6/15 $123.5 million

    6/16 $111.3 million

    6/17 $104.4 million

    6/18 $97.5 million (estimate)

    6/19 $88.2 million (FY19 Budget)

    This is what happens when districts continue to overtax and accumulate more than a year’s worth of Cash on their books.

  4. Whyizzit when I subtract 6,257 from 7,003, I come up with 746 instead of the 850 you quote in the caption?

    New math (as taught in D-155)?

  5. What is the average amount of students in a class in that district not counting gym?

  6. **New math (as taught in D-155)?**

    Details are not this blog’s strong suit.

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