McHenry Democrats Air Dirty Laundry in Court – Part 6

The next part of Kerri Barber’s suit against the McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett, his wife Paula Yensen, Party Vice Chair Kristina Zahorik and State Senate candidate Nancy Zettler now moves to the November Central Committee meeting.

Kristina Zahorik speaks at AFSCME state employee rally in the Woodstock Square.

“In November 2017, Defendant Zahorik made public statements about the Plaintiffs at a Democratic Party Meeting.

“Defendant Zahorik stated Plaintiff Barber lied.

“Defendant Zahorik stated Plaintiff Barber spread false information about the Democratic Party.

“Defendant Zahorik stated Plaintiff Barber provided false advice to candidates.

“Local Democratic Party leaders withheld support from one of the Plaintiffs candidates, Mr. Georgi, unless he agreed to sever ties with the Plaintiffs.

“The Plaintiffs severed ties with Mr. Georgi so that he would not be harmed.

“Local Democratic Party leaders told another of the Plaintiffs candidates, Mr. Vijuk, that he was ‘tainted’ by working with the Plaintiffs.

“The Democratic Party withheld tools and resources from Mr. Vijuk because he worked with the Plaintiffs.

“The Plaintiffs severed ties with Mr. Vijuk, again, so that he would not be harmed.”

Summing up, the filing says,

“The Defendants acted with intent and actual malice when they engaged in the foregoing conduct because they intended to harm the Plaintiffs.”

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Tomorrow the laws used to back up the facts presented by the Plaintiffs.
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McHenry Democrats Air Dirty Laundry in Court – Part 6 — 18 Comments

  1. Reprobates and degenerates – the party of ARL and his friends otherwise known as DEMOCRATS.

  2. The case should be thrown ota court ’cause Democrats always lie.

    It’s their very nature.

    The disgruntled Bernie communists should have known this. It’s like suing a cat ’cause it meows.

  3. Nice pic of Kristina leading the AFSCaM rabble, in a chorus of “Who Stole the Kishka”

  4. Very interesting the meow factor. 133 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  5. I have been waiting for M.M. Maule to comment, this is her Party. The Teacher’s had better sit them down and tell them how to behave.

  6. DJ? I would like to add the word rousing to your description. I’m sure you just missed it. It was a rousing chorus of “Who Stole the Kiska”. Ah, the memories.

  7. Maybe conservatives and Republicans should have pity on local and State Democrats. After all, THEY are “guided” by the direction and goofball policies of the discredited Hillary (lock her up) Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison and their top leader and spokesperson, Maxine Waters. God help us all if any one or more of this these people are in control in Washington DC.

  8. @Lady Jane go back and read that “harm” in context. The plaintiffs were referring to the harm their continued association would do to Georgi’s campaign.

    It’s fun to watch these clowns turn on each other and eat their own, but it’s merely figuratively, not literally.

  9. Hah! Is that anything like Drew Georgi severing ties with the Internet Lingierie site he used to sell undies on! Skeezy perv.

  10. Bred …. I have no sympathy of their psycho-sick kind that are ruining this country and state.

  11. My high school age daughter told me how these sh##ty teacher propagandize them about poor oppressed transgendered psychotics, foreign invaders and welfare leeches on an hourly basis.

    Some social studies teacher gave her a “D” for a report she did on the Second Amendment …. She had a 4.9 GPA average (college prep course get more than a 4.0 for an ‘A’)

    The ass-teacher admitted he downgraded her because of the paper’s ‘hurtful content’ after the principal was brought into it.

    Result: grade changed to an ‘A’ when regarded by another teacher.

  12. I had the distinct mispleasure of renewing my driver liscence to at the Jesse White Tumbler Sect of State office in Des Plaines Illinois. I was there due to a visit to my 85 year old mother living close to this office. I thought the days of the crabby incompetent employee was over. Slow angry and rude, it took two hours to get a vision test only to be told that my new liscence would be mailed to me. Just terrible, who is to blame?

  13. We need more second amendment teachers…whatever that means…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  14. Johnny? I am pretty sure that you cannot have an IQ above 70 to work for the DMV. It’s some kind of law.

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