Woodstock Fire Protection District Overtime – 2018

This is the analysis of the 2018 Fiscal Year overtime at the Woodstock Fire Protection District.

It totaled $393,695, a significant increase from the year before.

FY 2018 Overtime Pay (May 1, 2017 – Apr 30, 2018)
Last Name First Name OT Hours OT Pay
Andre Ryan 55.00 $969.60
Beatty Zachary 71.00 $11,020.51
Beres Kyle $76.95
Biederer John 169.50 $9,334.06
Bobula Erik 10.00 $215.46
Bordeau Kip 2.50 $156.00
Brinkman Michael 162.00 $12,221.47
Brown Shane $524.21
Brown Thomas 30.00 $840.05
Brunetti Joseph 185.75 $13,079.15
Burns Nathaniel 46.00 $8,702.46
Bush Karen 93.75 $10,267.94
Cooke DeAngelo 61.00 $3,381.81
Ellegood Jacob $909.87
Flores Jose 146.50 $12,022.42
Gulli Matthew 261.00 $18,428.89
Hausl Gary 11.00 $3,218.87
Hedges Matthew 61.00 $5,298.56
Heideman Paul 164.50 $13,410.53
Helser Andrew $153.90
Heredia Mark $15.39
Hill Michael $-
Hopp Landon 1.00 $36.06
Ippolito Simonetta $288.48
Iskra Damian 25.00 $2,141.25
Jagels Christopher $678.98
Jagman Daniel 9.50 $873.80
Keefe Patrick 38.50 $2,900.10
Koss Dominick 72.00 $3,389.39
Krejci Aaron 33.50 $2,782.26
Kristensen Eric 14.00 $1,841.00
Lesniak Jeffrey 67.00 $7,687.38
Lomen Ryan 2.25 $40.79
Lozowski Eric 110.00 $8,847.38
Mains Ryan 87.50 $10,029.59
Mass Adam 77.00 $8,650.08
Miller Ellyn 206.75 $19,369.29
Murphy Quinn 61.00 $9,723.83
Nieman Scott 124.75 $15,726.71
Ortiz Paul 4.50 $46.18
Parker Brendan 142.25 $14,745.68
Poplawski Jack $-
Potoczky John $5,934.84
Randecker Jeffery 81.00 $7,197.16
Reid Danielle 92.50 $10,194.89
Ritzert Scott 79.00 $6,689.73
Ryan Joseph 17.00 $414.69
Ryan Patrick 142.75 $11,807.96
Schroeder Timothy 104.00 $9,101.04
Shannon Michael 178.50 $16,177.85
Teresi Brandon 113.75 $8,005.52
Vizanko Eric 206.00 $23,367.72
Vucha Alex $-
Weber Christopher 92.25 $7,112.75
Webster Tyler 327.50 $26,096.96
Weir Nicholas 33.00 $3,852.02
Wessel Scott 97.50 $9,410.12
Williams Chad 136.50 $14,285.83
TOTAL   4,308.25 $393,695.41


Woodstock Fire Protection District Overtime – 2018 — 9 Comments

  1. So Zach Beatty makes $150.00 an hour? Are you sure about that Cal?

  2. I do think there is something wrong with those numbers. The totals average out to over $90/hour, so if it’s all paid at time and a half, it means they’re averaging over $60/hour base pay.

  3. Who authored this analysis? The numbers are very screwy and I know for a fact that at least one name on this list does not even LIVE in this state!

  4. I am surprise that there is over 50 members in the Woodstock Fire Protection District

  5. People often share the same name, are not related, and live in a different state.

    Bobula Erik 10.00 $215.46 === whats that like 20 dollars and 15 cents an hour? 13 dollar base pay —- maybe he’s a newly hired phone person? Coffee guy?
    Koss Dominick 72.00 $3,389.39 — That’s slightly below 50 bucks an hour. So around 33 dollars an hour before overtime. — There are a lot of people making around 50 or 60 dollars an hour, but those guys are probably the experienced, full-time workers.

    Do I feel a quiet slight rage brewing over these wages? Whats wrong with a fair salary? What’s wrong with overtime when needed? Hypothetically, instead of cutting, Woodstock raised some of their taxes, then you might hear “Let’s move to Woodstock!”. Make it “livable” and not just a spot so people can get to court easily.

    Firefighters have a serious job and work strenuous hours. There’s nothing wrong with paying hardworking individuals a living wage where one could afford a mortgage, a car payment along with insurance, have children, enjoy some entertainment, and save a little.

  6. Ken is an idiot. People share the same name, live in different states and have the EXACT SAME occupation, huh?

  7. Who are Tyler Webster and Eric Vizanko? Who/what is their connection to the pot of gold? Two highest collectors of overtime.

    Webster appears – assuming my math is correct – to have a base salary around $110,000 and collects an average of 6 hours of OT week in and week out.

  8. These Overtime hours are not outrageous. Consider they work 24 hr shift, so working 1 OT shift a month would be 240 hrs. Add into the mix that there are several outside training classes, for specialty teams (Dive, Tech Rescue, Hazmat), along with call back for multiple calls. The only thing that seems out of sorts, is the over $39k total for the 3 Capts. If they are considered members of bargaining unit, as up until this past year there was a Dep Chief, that could be a reason for their high amounts. I believe now they are considered Batt Chiefs, and would be considered exempt employees, which means no OT.

  9. I can tell you, with 100% certainty, that these numbers are not accurate.

    Most of the ASSUMPTIONS are also not accurate.

    Is this a forum for misinformed and undereducated guesses or does anybody actually want to try and address real problems with real solutions.

    If so, do your research and stop replying on Cal for your education.

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