McHenry Democrats Air Dirty Laundry in Court – Part 7

Kerri Barber

Previous posts have laid out the facts as seen by Plaintiffs Kerri Barber and Katherine Dickerson, who are suing fellow Democrats they label as “Centrists.”

The suit was brought by

  • former McHenry County Board and Algonquin Township Trustee candidate Kerri Barber and
  • Heroic Media business associate Katherine Dickerson


  • Michael Bissett, outgoing Party Chairman,
  • his wife, County Board member Paula Yensen,
  • incoming Party Chair Kristina Zahorik (who serves as State Central Committeewoman and on the Oakwood Hills Village Board), and
  • Nancy Zettler, who ran unsuccessfully against Allen Skillicorn for State Rep. and is the Democratic candidate against State Senator Karen McConnaughay.

Mike Bissett

Paula Yensen

The suit is charges

    • defamation per se,
    • false light,
    • commercial disparagement,
    • tortious interference with business relations, and
    • violation of the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Kristina Zahorik

Nancy Zettler

Relief sought from the court is

  • compensatory damages,
  • punitive damages,
  • injunctive relief,
  • statutory legal fees and costs, and
  • all other relief to which they may be entitled as a matter of law.

The Plaintiffs then flesh out the six counts of their suit.

They are represented by Michelle A. Kuipers of the Mudd Law Offices in Chicago.
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McHenry Democrats Air Dirty Laundry in Court – Part 7 — 19 Comments

  1. Sounds like a bunch of pantywaists with too much time and money on their hands. Frivolous lawsuits wasting the time of the courts seems to be the only way to go for Democrats.

  2. IMHO Yensen and Zahorick only told the truth … isn’t that a perfect defense?

    And what the socialist-socialite Dickerson said is true, too, the ‘establishment’ donkey-eared mopes are indeed underhanded rats. But that’s what establishment Democrats and ‘RINO-‘Republi-can’ts’ always are!

    The only thing that both sides of this loony-tunes claw-suit can agree upon is that Jacko Franks is a dirty rotten, lowlife, lying, cheating human louse.

    They all know about El Jacko … and they all (rightly) despise the self-seeking pest!

  3. I believe that’s Kerri herself in the lower right corner of the above picture under the Yellow banner (that banner was stolen from the Yensen Home, BTW, and she wants it back!)

  4. Townshipper stooge: Many thanks for your childish insight, although for the life of me, I really don’t know what ‘patetic’ means.

    Did you really mean ‘peripatetic’?

    I do confess when I was MUCH younger I was a bit peripatetic, but that is hardly a pejorative epithet.

    –especially when your Family is trying to escape from the Communist island-prison known as Cuba in the early 60s.

  5. Maybe Townshipper meant Rickey was ‘poetic’ which is sorta true.

    I like Rickey’s posts and pictures.

    They’re funny, which township apologists and others, like the bad Angel and Nob, are NOT!

  6. Maybe ‘TownshipperNo1’ meant “ptotic” which I suspect Townshipper actually is himself because he’s projecting once again.

  7. I will not consider this story serious enough until it reaches at least 11 or more parts, like that ridiculous story on our GQ Magazine aspiring cover model former president of Golfland Lakewood village. Keep going, sunshine blogger, we support you. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  8. Is it true that these posts are being written by Andrew Gasser and not Cal? Seems like that would be important to disclose?

  9. LOL Alabama. Don’t you think Andrew is fairly busy right now? Especially with all the flooding, again! Gotta give you credit for always bringing up the ridiculous. You and Angel must be compadres.

  10. I said nothing of the sort. But you also didn’t answer the question?

  11. Uncovered Magazine

    Dirty Deeds: The Targeting of Progressives

    Posted by Kerri Barber

    January 2, 2019

    “So why would some in our own party want him gone?

    On October 1, 2017, our district PCs and volunteers within the county were gathered at our home for another training session.

    So it was surprising that our county chair chose that same date and time to call an executive board meeting with a single agenda item, ‘leadership change’.”

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