Craig Wilcox Kicks Off Fall State Senate Campaign with Bull Valley Golf Club Fundraiser

Hosted by Gary Rabine at the Bull Valley Golf Club, State Senate candidate Craig Wilcox kicked off his fall campaign Thursday night.

Rabine characterized Wilcox as the “smartest [McHenry County] Board member” in the Board room.

Although he supported Jeanne Ives in the Republican gubernatorial Primary Election, he stood behind Bruce Rauner for the fall election.

“The other guy is a Socialist.”

Referring to Ives, the next speaker, Ravine said,

“When it comes time again she’ll be ready to kick some butt.

“I can’t wait to support her.”

State Rep. Ives, who came within a hair’s breath of beating Rauner in both McHenry County and Illinois, told the audience that Wilcox had “to be embedded in the Senate Republican Caucus to counterbalance the moderate and liberal Republicans.”

She talked of the need for people in Springfield with “political courage.”

Ives noted that many military people in Springfield, while having been brave on the battlefield, “get down there and lack political courage.”

She said Wilcox would be an idol ideological counterbalance to Bill Brady and the rest of them.”

Ives characterized Springfield as “one big scam after another.

“We live in a drop dead gorgeous state.

“We should not have to leave.

“We should make them leave.”

She praised President Donald Trump observing “this sate, but for Donald Trump’s polices and tax cuts would be even deeped in the tank.”

Concluding, Ives pointed out that Wilcox would be ‘somebody asking the tough questions.”

Wilcox talked of the tax abatement the County Board voted for this year, saying he was urging a continuation.

“The reality is that you got your money back.”

He praised County Board John Reinert for pushing a 401(k)-style replacement for the pensions County Board members used to have.

Wilcox pointed to the April elections as “where the majority of your taxes come from.

He said he would be supporting a 1% of one’s home’s value as the maximum property tax. [That is what Proposition 13 was all about in California.]

He pointed out that school board’s “don’t have many options.”

Speaking of the preparation County Board members do for meetings, he said he wondered if some have done the homework.

“Down in Springfield, I’ll do the work,” Wilcox concluded.


Craig Wilcox Kicks Off Fall State Senate Campaign with Bull Valley Golf Club Fundraiser — 9 Comments

  1. I like Wilcox, but being the smartest member of the McHenry County Board is an honor right up there with being the best surfer in the State of Nebraska.

  2. I think the Rabine statement might get some of the board members ticked off. Not sure if they will support the event or Wilcox as a result. I actually think many are smarter than him.

  3. Wilcox is a great candidate to fill Althoff’s seat. She became worse and worse the longer she was in that seat! Unfortunately she will be on the County Board and guarantee her and Jack will make back room deals constantly. Lets see if she proves the people that pay attention wrong?! Wilcox will at least stand up to legislatures and for the taxpayers!

  4. Wilcox’s opponent: the evil Mahady, swans around as Democrat Assessor of McHenry Township. A township official, that alone disqualifies her.

    Her snide remarks at township mtgs also disqualify her. We are cows to be milked is Mahady’s idea.

  5. Wilcox apparently said he supports home taxes at 1 percent of property value. An excellent idea. Let’s hope that it is actual property value as determined by sales of similar houses in the nearby area. So, a homeowner with a house with a real value of $250K would only pay $2500 per year.

    Since bloated school district administrations and bloated salaries and benefits of administrators and teachers now eat up about 70 percent of what we pay in our tax bill, these people will have to take a huge haircut in salaries, benefits and there will have to be an extreme cutting of wasteful or redundant school administration jobs.

  6. Wilcox will be targeted by the same fiends who’ve run the state and this county into the ground.

    Watch all the human-insects buzzing about his depraved opponent. She’s a real drama queen whose idea of a wonderful paragon is the old harpy, Hillary.

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