Karen McConnaughay Officially Withdraws from Fall Ballot

Yesterday, State Senator Karen McConnaughay has filed the official paperwork to withdraw her name from the General Election ballot.

She was elected to the State Senate in 2012, following multiple terms chairing the Kane County Board.

Seeking appointment to fill her place on the ballot are the following:

  • State Rep. Allen Skillicorn – East Dundee
  • Don DeWitte – St. Charles, Kane County’s RTA Board member
  • State Rep. Steve Andersson – Geneva, who announced he was not running for re-election after leading the effort to find Republicans to override the Governor’s veto of the Democratic Party’s income tax, plus gathering GOP votes to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Carolyn Schofield – Crystal Lake, who is running for the McHenry County Board and who ran unsuccessfully for State Rep. two years ago, carrying McHenry County.
  • Laura Pollastrini – Hampshire, formerly active in DuPage County GOP politics
  • Mike McMahon – Elgin, a retired Chicago firefighter

Huntley School Board member Lesli Melendy, who ran a close third in the District 5 McHenry County Board race this spring applied, but later withdrew her name from consideration.  She works for Senator McConnaughay.

Should Skillicorn be selected to replace McConnaughay, a vacancy on the fall State Rep. ballot would result.

The primary election results two years ago follow:

2016 Republican Primary Election results in the 66th State Rep. race, which Allen Skillicorn won.

2016 Kane County Primary Election Election results follow:

2016 Kane County Primary Election results for State Rep. District 66.

2016 McHenry County Primary Election results follow:

2016 McHenry County election results for State Rep. District 66.

The deadline for replacing candidates is August 23rd.

The selection or selections will be made by the Kane and McHenry County Republican Chairman.

Each gets the number of primary votes cast in their county.

For State Senate, the choice can be made unilaterally by Kane County Chairman Ken Shepro.

Should Skillicorn be appointed the State Senate candidate, there would be a vacancy for State Rep.

Since most of the State Rep. primary votes are in McHenry County, Chairman Diane Evertsen can make the selection.


Karen McConnaughay Officially Withdraws from Fall Ballot — 13 Comments

  1. Steve Anderson and Carolyn Schofield should automatically be out! Worst Republicans in the District! Mike McMahon should be out unless he comes flat out and says he is against Pensions and Prevailing Wage for government workers and projects! Don’t know of Don D. or Laura P.. But Skillicorn should be the front runner for this position with who has applied.

  2. Schofield or the goof Chicago Fireman..

    Would be like watching an 8 year at Chuck E Cheese, figuring out the claw machine.

  3. Again is right, AGAIN!

    Schofield is another Althoff, if she’s even that!

    She thinks she’s soooooooooooooooooooooooo smart, but her investments show just how dumb she is. How can anybody have really lost money in the stock market over the last few years. But brainiac Schofield DID!

    When she told me to buy Dish Network, I asked her why? When she couldn’t articulate anything, I said we’ll see.

    That was in 2016 ….Dish turned out to be one the biggest NASDAQ losers for ’17

  4. Rumor has it that the Kane County Chairman, who will have the majority of weighted votes for the district, may nominate himself.

  5. Steve Anderson should run for a democrat position, he is not a republican.

  6. You might want to look into whether or not he does live in the district as that is what I have heard.

  7. Skillkorn is a dreadful choice unless you like dimwit politicians who simply kicks back and cashes paychecks.

    He’s an intellectual black hole.

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