McHenry Township Trustee Bill Cunningham Resigns

At last year’s McHenry Township election, four Republicans were elected Township Trustees.

They comprise four-fifths of the McHenry Township Board with Independent Supervisor Craig Adams being the fifth vote.

At this month’s Board meeting, Bill Cunningham, one of the the GOP Trustee, resigned.

Cunningham’s replacement will be selected by Adams.

The appointee, however, will have to be ratified by the Township Board.


McHenry Township Trustee Bill Cunningham Resigns — 17 Comments

  1. Adams is a loony tune from way back …. when he mismanaged things at Pioneer Center. The grant deadline-misser!

    He thinks our property taxes ARE TOO LOW!

    But, hey, so do most township supervisors.

    That’s why townships must be abolished, they provide doofs like Adams platinum pensions for no work!

  2. Here’s another video our Greal Leader aka ‘The Jackal’ and Evil Angel don’t want you to ever see:

    Warning: not for IEA members, Section 8 parasites, the Mexican MS-13 machete-rapists gang, our lovely transgendered freaks, supporters of Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee (Rauner and Fat JB) and other assorted degenerates destroying Illinois and McHenry Co.

  3. Now who is gonna snowplow with loony Anderson?

    Old supervisor Prima Donna is/was a Zero.

    What is her current yearly $$pension$$?

  4. Now that I have resigned maybe my family won’t be threatened by Condons goons or my self.easier for payback when not elected official.

    These township road hogs who can’t even manage their own finacial dealings should not ever be appointed to over see 3 million dollar levy of taxpayer dollars.

    Why is it when people fail miserably in private life they feel the need to belly up to the taxpayer trough

  5. You folks have a great chance to change the corruption of township government in November. Do not waste the opportunity.please check the driving records of the people who are driving these trucks thru your neighbor hoods

  6. And you think this is politics or personnel your wrong when. Has their been a democrat road commissioner in the county its a politacle wing of republican party patronage jobs etc. Get together consolidate or just elimnate

  7. To say eliminate with no numbers or facts is pure politics that most likely means a tax increase.
    Big gov always costs more William.

  8. Check their driving records for what? What are you implying Bill? You belly up to the taxpayer trough. Tell everyone about that Bill! Glad you finally admitted you move to Wisconsin awesome to not have you here anymore!

  9. Craig Adams is just the kind of dud who’d wind up in the public sector.

    Same goes for township road hog James ‘Pretty Boy’ Condon, the crooked bankrupt who hired the crooked Bob Miller.

    You cannot have township political machines and end local corruption.

    Township political machines breed corruption, just like rotting garbage breeds maggot and flies.

  10. Craig Adams has done more good work for the people than any elected official EVER HAS IN THE HISTORY OF MCHENRY COUNTY.

    He Should be a US Senator or Govenor.

    Cunning-HAM is a good name for the creep who should never have been elected, and only did got elected thru being a fake tax fighter.

    You people who hate townships are dumb. You don’t look at the facts. So what if township workwers get pensions! They earn it and deserve it. They could get better pensions in private sector but chose public service.

    I believe township personel should get higher pensions or at least a tax credit on tax bills. They work hard to keep everything running. It’s Craig Adams or Kaos. Think about that!!!!!!

  11. Jim Condon does is a great Road Commissioner! He gets the job done. Everybody would be snowed in if he didn’t plow. Yet liars like Anderson and his kind through out the facts. If townships go, County and State and Federral goverment fills the breach and they are not of the people like towwnships which our anual meeting proves.

  12. I recommend Craig Wallace to take Cunning-HAM’s spot. He will be great and will replace a ZERO with a TEN.

  13. TownshipperNo.1 must be a township bottom feeder employee.

    C’mon fess up. Do you report to Condon or Adams? Or are you Pig ‘Iron’ Mike of Nunda infamy?

    Perhaps a spouse?

    Townships are a cesspool of corruption, nepotism and uselessness.

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