Tribune: Party-Hearty, But Put It in the Budget

The Chicago Tribune had an editorial in its Monday edition about Glenview official’s spending about $504,000 over three years on parties, dinner, travel, etc.

“And a lack of transparency documenting it.”

Here’s how the editorial began:

“For those who work in government, spending taxpayer money should be an exercise in penny-pinching and caution. It’s that simple.”

Noted in the editorial was,

“Hundreds of meal purchases failed to include required information, including the reason for the expense and who benefited.”

The story upon which the editorial was based was written by lexandra Kukulka and published in the Glenview Announcement.

FULL REPORT: When using village credit cards, Glenview officials often fail to properly track meal purchases, records show »

The Tribune’s common sense advice to local officials:

“We know that elected officials in most communities serve on a near-volunteer basis.

“They assume significant responsibility for little-to-no pay. Because public service is a commitment.

“That’s why unexplained spending on flights, conferences, training, hotels and meals charged to taxpayers draw so much scrutiny:

Unless an expense can be linked to a benefit for constituents, it looks like a frolic with Other People’s Money.”


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  1. But never forget: Bobby Miller’s Algonquin Township Road District escapades spanned many decades, dwarfing the criminal hijinks of the Glenview crooks!

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