“Frankly Speaking”

The June email subject line for McHenry County government’s email reads as follows:

Coming five days later was the July newsletter with the subject line,

Is there a Jack Franks’ newsletter and a McHenry County newsletter?

In the “Frankly Speaking” newsletter, Jack Franks opines on

Reducing and restructuring the County Board in which he points out tax savings of eliminated some of the $21,000 County Board members (there’s insurance, too, which almost doubles some County Board members’ take).

School property tax levies in which Franks talks of the secret meeting with some school board superintendents and board presidents and continues to claim falsely that the County reduced its levy by 11.2%., instead of the 9.5% shown by comparing this and last year’s tax extensions on the County Clerk’s web site.

Fighting for good government in which Franks calls on the Algonquin Township Board to put a referendum on the ballot this fall to put its Road District under the Township Board.  (Unmentioned is that this cannot occur, according to state law, until 2021.  Also unmentioned is that is precisely what the McHenry Township Board has already done.  No praise for that, however.}

Jack Franks, his father, and a bunch of highly place Democratic office holders (think folks like Jesse White, Ed Burke) go fishing in Canada the latter part of June each year. While the fish that Franks is seen holding on the County newsletter is big, he is a decidedly small fish in the pond of Democrats in Canada.

The newsletter that arrived on July 4th is informative about what county government is doing, rather than what Jack Franks is up to.

After “Greetings from Chairman Jack D. Franks,” it has articles entitled

  • Keep abreast of summer road construction projects
  • Emergency Management releases new disaster mobile app
  • Some Metra fees for short trips decreasing under pilot program
  • Weigh in on CMAP’s newest latest comprehensive plan
  • Protect yourself and your family against Lyme disease and West Nile
  • Summer in full bloom
  • Upcoming Career Workshops and Services
  • County Board Appointments


“Frankly Speaking” — 5 Comments

  1. Actually, it’s not even a 9.5% reduction.

    Most of that is the result of things that were in the works before Franks was elected and are one off windfalls that will not be repeated into next year’s budget.

  2. Cal Skinner mocking Jack Franks for being a “small fish….”

    The Blog falls victim to Poe’s Law – is it just amazing satire, or just unintended hilarity due to lack of self-awareness?

  3. What about the picture of the giant leech caught in Saskatchewan? Wait that was Jacko himself, sorry.

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