Gasser Phone Trolled Again at Algonquin Township

You will remember awhile back the Algonquin Township phone system was hacked trolling Andrew Gasser.  The message is back as of 3:06.  Dialing (847)639-2700 X203 you will be able to hear it.

It seems as tho there are more people inside the township who are continuing the shenanigans started in February.  Andrew Gasser could not be reached for comment.

Here is what one hears on extension 203:

Thank you for calling Algonquin Township.

The office of Algonquin Township is closed

For patronage and employment, press 1

For information or to learn more about wasting money, press 2.

For legal defense fund, press 3.

For Gasbag, press 5.


Gasser Phone Trolled Again at Algonquin Township — 6 Comments

  1. Called Chuck – nothing is happening with it.

    The highway department has no access to the phone system. It is controlled by the supervisor’s office.

  2. Only someone complicit would find that funny.

    To say it’s childish is being kind.

    Clearly whoever did this prank assumes that the township clerk doesn’t stand a chance of being re-elected anyway.

    Why else would they risk this standard of ammunition.

  3. idk imagine if you’re a resident and you call and hear that.

    Does that restore faith in Algonquin Township government or does it give credit to Bob Anderson’s calls to abolish township government?

    I don’t live there so it doesn’t affect me, but you should really take a more objective look at the situation instead of viewing it as “Ha ha they called him Gasbag” which is pretty childish anyway.

    There are more important things than personal or partisan agendas.

    Having trust in the people you elect, who collect and spend your tax dollars, comes to mind.

    This also raises questions about security.

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