Skillicorn Joins Franks in Calling for Referendum to Put Algonquin Township Road District Under Township Board in 2021

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Franks, Skillicorn Asking Algonquin Township for Referendum to Abolish Highway Department

Allen Skillicorn

Jack Franks

WOODSTOCK, Ill. – State Rep. Allen Skillicorn is joining McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ call for the Algonquin Township Board to put a referendum to voters to eliminate the elected office of Highway Commissioner.

Skillicorn, R-East Dundee, and Franks, D-Marengo, sent a joint letter Monday to Township Supervisor Charles Lutzow and Trustees Dan Shea, Rachel Lawrence, Melissa Victor and Dave Chapman, imploring them to take advantage of a new law that allows a township board to put a referendum on the ballot abolishing the office and giving trustees full oversight of the highway department.

The letter was written to trustees asking them to empower voters in the wake of a the deep corruption and misspent public funds by former Highway Commissioner Bob Miller and his family members in on the racket.

Skillicorn, whose 66th House District covers the far western portion of the township, voted for House Bill 4637, which seeks to allow McHenry County voters to abolish their particular townships altogether by voter referendum.

The bill, now in the Illinois Senate, was drafted by Rep. David McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills, because of the current situation in Algonquin Township – much of the township falls in the 52nd House District he represents.

“I have been watching the situation in Algonquin Township with dismay.

Bob Miller

“Our residents are struggling with one of the highest tax burdens in the nation.

“Government already wastes far too much of their hard-earned money, and squandering it on frivolous spending, a questionable $47,381.84 lump sum cash payout, and petty political feuds is shameful.

John Reinert

Tom Wilbeck

Chris Christensen

Chris Spoerl

“Just last week, this nation celebrated the bold actions of visionary men who had had enough of taxation without representation.

“It’s time for Algonquin Township’s trustees to quit pretending that they’re helpless to stop this situation, and vote to put this referendum on the ballot,” Skillicorn said.

Four County Board members who live in Algonquin Township – Chris Christensen, Tom Wilbeck, John Reinert and Christopher
– also have called on township trustees to put the question on the ballot.

The Algonquin Township Board has two more meetings until the Aug. 20 deadline to approve binding referendums for the Nov. 6 midterm election.

The township board next meets at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the township building at 3702 Route 14, Crystal Lake.

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The letter follows:

Dear Supervisor Lutzow, Trustee Shea, Trustee Lawrence, Trustee Victor and Trustee Chapman,

We, the undersigned elected officials, again are imploring you to put to a vote whether to place a binding referendum on the upcoming November election ballot to eliminate the elected office of Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner.

Your constituents, whose real estate taxes are among the highest in the nation, have grown tired of their taxpayer dollars being squandered on legal fees for the current highway commissioner’s numerous feuds, and on his patronage hiring of a deputy commissioner with no job-related experience. They are tired of the never-ending stream of embarrassing and infuriating headlines.

Right now, the highway commissioner is operating with almost no oversight by your board, but that would change if the voters choose to abolish the elected office and make the highway commissioner a position hired by the township board. You would have direct oversight. The ridiculous circus the taxpayers have been forced to fund would be reined in.

Again, the voters are the ones who will make the ultimate decision. All you have to do is give them the opportunity. Your hands are not tied on this matter. At this point, with time running out until the Aug. 20 deadline to place a binding referendum on the November ballot, the township board, by not even entertaining discussion of a referendum, is sending a message that it does not have a problem with the current situation – that frustrated taxpayers should just stop complaining and pay up.

Consider that the political winds in Springfield, which for a long time shielded township government from its many detractors, are shifting with amazing speed. Bills aimed at consolidating or eliminating townships, which a decade ago would never have even gotten out of committee in the General Assembly, are now becoming law, such as the new voter empowerment law we have been asking you to use. Every bad headline generated by the current highway commissioner, and every taxpayer dollar squandered by him, gives momentum to the growing movement to do away with township government entirely. Should voters one day be able to abolish township government altogether, your repeated inaction on this matter could potentially lead to voters deciding that Algonquin Township itself needs to be eliminated.

Again, on behalf of the taxpayers we represent, I ask that you put on this month’s agenda a binding referendum allowing the voters to decide whether to keep or eliminate the Office of Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner.

We remain very truly yours,

Jack D. Franks
McHenry County Board

Allen Skillicorn
State Representative
66th Illinois House District


Skillicorn Joins Franks in Calling for Referendum to Put Algonquin Township Road District Under Township Board in 2021 — 18 Comments

  1. Is Cal Skinner also on the same team as Jack Franks and others on this issue?

    Will you be making a speech in favor of a vote before the discussion tonight Cal?

  2. If we all agree that corruption and theft by an entire family is the cause for this referendum why gas no one been charged???

  3. Why is everybody on Pat Kenneally’s neck.

    He’s just a small cog in the County’s corruption machine.

  4. Cal and I both spoke in favor of the referendum.

    The motion to vote on the resolution failed because of no second.

    Elections have their consequences.

  5. Really disappointed in Skillicorn on this one. I am a Gasser voter AND a Skillicorn voter.

    Was the meeting recorded?

    Nob – who spoke in favor and who spoke against?

  6. The Township did not record the meeting for the second month in a row, but a citizen did.

    That recording is now embedded in the article.

  7. Dinah? I fear you may be very wrong. I think we had no idea how big a cog he really was when elected this criminal.

  8. Non of the six that gave lip service showed up either.

    Really really dedicated to their cause?

  9. Skillicorn, never sign a letter with Franks!

    The two of you make it sound like Gasser is responsible for the terrible misuse and abuse of taxpayer funds!!!!

    This is all on the Miller Clan!


    I expect the skewed truth from Franks.

    He’s a liar.

    You just blew it, Skillicorn.

  10. Millers fat cats bob ditch the red ditch the red grey head take her back Canada to her scheeeeeeech trailer trashed at least she has many coats sweater leggings Ect,,,,,

  11. Wow, I think Skillicorn signing a letter trashing Gasser with fat-cat Franks was shooting himself in the foot. Much like the gall McSweeney had calling our chairman of the GOP a racist in a Northworst Herald article. Have these two gone daft?

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