Tribune Ignites Barb Wheeler Fireworks Legalization Bill

Page 4 of today’s Chicago Tribune features a story about outgoing State Rep. Barbara Wheeler’s bill to legalize most fireworks.

She introduced it on July 3rd and sent out a press release.

Chicago Tribune article about State Rep. Barb Wheeler’s bill to legalize most fireworks.

While it is unlikely that the legislation will pass before Wheeler leaves office in January, 2019, it is possible.

A major roadblock will be that State Senate President John Cullerton does not like the idea.


Tribune Ignites Barb Wheeler Fireworks Legalization Bill — 8 Comments

  1. Fireworks ought to be banned in all States. They are dangerous when used by children and non-professionals and they pollute the air and environment.

  2. Guess bred was never a child that held a sparkler in their hand. It’s none of your business what anyone does. What happened to freedom? Your thinking you know better than me and using that as an excuse to ban anything is usurping my freedoms. Not even God does that!

  3. I had a heck of a lot more fireworks types, including firecrackers, in my early teens than mere sparklers that burn at a very high temperature. I was lucky and was never injured. As I recall now, I grew tired of the stupid practice of fireworks and blowing up firecrackers at about age 16. Mainly people with a mentality of children, get their thrills with blowing up firecrackers, M-80’s and other fireworks.

  4. PER

    “An estimated 7,600 of the total 11,000 fireworks-related injuries in 2016 were treated in hospital emergency departments during the period between June 18, 2016 and July 18, 2016, according to a report on 2016 by the Consumer Products Safety Commission and its National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.

    CPSC Chairman Elliot F. Kaye held a press conference this week to bring attention to the dangers of fireworks especially for children and debut a video dramatizing the dangers of various popular fireworks including sparklers and bottle rockets when they are misused.

    “You have to keep fireworks, especially sparklers, away from kids,” Kaye said. He said sparklers burn as hot as a blowtorch.

    Deaths by Fireworks
    In 2016, fireworks caused four deaths. CPSC reported that three of the four fatalities were related to reloadable aerial devices and one was associated with manufacturing homemade devices.”

  5. Sparklers are not fireworks and can be purchased legally, even in Illinois.

    Salvi-Wheeler however, has proved to be a RINO-pig hybrid.

    She thinks this is a pressing issue, while the state is a sanctuary state and Mcenry property taxes skyrocket to pay her pensions and bailout the Chicago ‘Publik Skoolz’ (official language: Ebonics)

  6. Usually when a politician comes up with something from left field it’s because they are trying to avert attention from some other embarrassing issue.

    Not sure if that is the case here.

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