McHenry Township Republican Party Seeks Trustee Applicants

A press release from Erik Sivertsen, Chairman of the McHenry Township Republican Central Committee:

McHenry Township Republican Party is Looking for a Township Trustee

The McHenry Township Republican Central Committee is seeking applicants who would like to be considered to fill the vacancy on the McHenry Township Board.
We will be interviewing candidates and making a recommendation for a replacement.
Legal Requirements
  • Legal Voter and a resident of McHenry Township for at least the last 12 months
  • Not Prohibited from holding public office due to a criminal conviction
  • A Republican
Are you committed to restoring the American Dream, and reforming our government?
We are looking for applicants who believe freedom, and opportunity are increased when government is limited and that great things can only be accomplished when government does not interfere.
We want to select a candidate who will serve in this office and conduct their personal affairs honestly ethically and with integrity, to build public trust and foster good government.
Go to and fill out the application.
We will send you a questionnaire.
After you return the questionnaire, we will contact you to setup an interview.
We will be accepting applications until July 24th.

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Township Trustee Bill Cunningham resigned, leaving a vacancy.

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