Republicans Gather at CL’s Pablo’s to Raise Money, Meet Candidates

Nelwy-elected Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Glen Swanson hosted a fundraiser at Pablo’s in Crystal Lake Thursday night.

State Senator Dan McConchie and Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Glen Swanson.

The entrance fee was $35 apiece.

Jesse Olesen, soon to be a GOP Precinct Committeeman in Fox River Grove, Crystal Lake’s Robert Gibbons, Secretary of the Algonquin Township Republican Party,and Diane Evertsen, Chairman of the McHenry County Republican Party.

There were no cut rates for Republican Precinct Committeemen.

The back of the tee shirt State Senate candidate Craig Wilcox wore shows a blue wave bving overwhelmed by a red sea.

Legislators attended.

County Recorder Joe Tirio, running for County Clerk, chatted with State Rep. Allen Skillicorn.

State Senator Dan McConchie and State Rep. Allen Skillicorn were there.

County Board member John Reinert greeted State Rep. candideate Tom Weber as he and his wife signed in.

So did legislative candidates Craig Wilcox, running for State Senate to replace Pam Althoff, and Tom Weber, running to replace State Rep. Barbara Wheeler

State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally MCed the event.

County Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio, running for County Clerk, Treasurer Glenda Miller, and State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally attended.

McHenry County Board member John Reinert chats with Judges Robert Wilbrandt and David Gervais.

Circuit Court Judge and judicial candidate Robert Wilbrndt and recently-appointed Circuit Court Judge David Gervais mingled.

McHenry County Board members Tom Wilbeck and Donna Kurtz exchange views.

McHenry County Board members Tom Wilbeck, Donna Kurtz, Craig Wilcox and John Reinert greeted party officials and guests.

State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally talks with Algonquin Republican Party Chairman Glen Swanson and 6th Congressional District State Central Committeeman Bob Grogan.

The 6th Congressional District (which comprises Algonquin Township in McHenry County) State Central Committeeman, Bob Grogan, came early. He is also DuPage County Auditor,

A poster upon which attendees were encouraged to write the names of their heros.

Two McHenry County College Trustees, GOP Chairman Diane Evertsen and Karen Tirio joined the crowd.


Republicans Gather at CL’s Pablo’s to Raise Money, Meet Candidates — 12 Comments

  1. Interesting that the President of the Minuteman, Diane Evertson, attended a fundraiser at Pablo’s Mexican restaurant standing next to Orville Brettman – what humanitarians.

  2. Yes they are both great people.

    And really making the Republcan party great again!

  3. Farin, I beleive “Not My First Rodeo” was being sarcasitc.

    You are right though.

    These are two examples of Tireless humanitarians and Patriots.

    Brettman’s family has their own charity that has helped several victims when they’ve hit a dead end and help is literally a lifeline.

    Thank you Brettman Family.

    Ev is married to a legal immigrant.

    And the Evertsens, have helped many including foreigners who came to America without breaking the law. Diane’s husband is a LEGAL immigrant and one of the most patriotic and greatest Americans you’ll ever meet.

    You can’t believe the Fake News of the Northworst Herald and Lyin’Jack Franks’. God and The truth is on Evertsen and Brettman’s side.

  4. Several of those who wrote on the circle jerk wall, are not really that bright.

  5. …one more thing.

    Mark Daniels just had a letter to the editor posted about Republican unity.

    I didn’t see him, or his slate, there.

    They are the pro-township people.

    Why can’t they go and support Diane who is also pro-township.

    Pot… meet kettle.

  6. Good to see Andy’s name on their but even better NOT to see McSweeney’s.

    Keep your chin up Andy. So many of us are quietly behind you.

  7. Awww, ‘Tom’ wasn’t recognized. LOL look for his likeness in a diapered balloon in the next parade float!

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