Shutting Down the Dan Ryan — 11 Comments

  1. That doesn’t even begin to tell the complete truth of what Fr. Flakey’s flock has been up to.

    Time has long since passed to reinstate capitol punishment,

    it’s the only way to stop/control the murderous hordes that run the streets of Chiraq and
    other cities of America.

  2. @HonestAbe1 Pay attention!

    Didn’t you mean “ruin the streets of Chiraq. . .” 😉

  3. We have capitol punishment in effect nationwide; you only need to read national news to see it in effect daily.

  4. What’s absurd is thinking that a rally in Chicago, IL demanding tougher gun laws is productive.

    At the local level Chicago has tough gun rules so what good is this?

    At the state level Illinois has tough gun laws so what good is this?

    At the federal level is there even one Congressman who represents any part of Chicago who is not anti-Second Amendment?

    They should have protested at Roskam’s office or something, not in Chicago.

    They’re preaching to the choir and they likely inconvenienced more people who agree with them than who disagree.

    The awful strategy makes sense when you realize Father Phleger is an attention whore and the people who joined him have no grasp of how government works.

    They’re partisan wackos and useful idiots.

    Can’t wait to see these “activists” spend the next year crying about Rahm Emanuel, followed by Rahm Emanuel easily being reelected.

  5. In no small part, due to gun shows in Indiana, “rod and gun clubs” in Wisconsin, and assorted other prescription opioid addled white trash. They’ll make America great again when these dumb white losers die a slow death from opioid-indiced diverticulitis.

    At the very least, they’ll provide pre-med students with a bunch of unclaimed obese white male corpses to dissect. Contributing to society for the first time in their lives.

  6. Ah yes, the fictitious gun show loophole.

    Private interstate transfers of firearms are illegal under federal law, and have been for some time.

    It is legal under federal to buy a long gun from a licensed dealer in another state, provided that the laws of both states are followed.

    Many dealers won’t do it, and insist upon sending the gun to an FFL holder in the buyer’s home state.

    Some states don’t allow it at all.

  7. Father Flakey ought to clean up his own act. His very own body guard was arrested for weapons charges recently. Unlawful concealed carry, and child support matters as well.

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