CL Independence Day Parade – Part 5 – Joe Tirio

The McHenry County Republican Party’s banner led GOP candidates.

A group of Republican candidates followed State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s Crystal Lake’s  Independence Day Parade on July 7th.

Republican candidate for County Clerk, current Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio was the first one.

“Don’t Tread on Me,” says the flag carried by a Joe Tirio supporter.

Next up was a jeep.

Vehicles bearing Joe Tirio’s signs followed the flag.

Walkers wearing shirts promoting Joe Tirio’s candidacy were interspersed among Tirio’s vehicles.

Red seemed to be the color of the day for Republicans, as these three supporters of Joe Tirio demonstrated.

A truck bearing a blow-up elephant was the next vehicle.

A big elephant rode in the next truck in back of County Chairman Diane Evertsen. Also sighted on the truck was County Treasurer Glenda Miller..

A float with flags and the signs of pretty much every GOP candidate on the ballot followed.

Joe Tirio walks on the west side of his truck. County Chairman Diane Evertsen rides in front of the trrailer.

A Joe Tirio for County Clerk banner was immediately behind.

County Board candidate Carolyn Schofield walked in front of the Joe Tirio banner.

But there was still another elephant.

McHenry County Board member Joe Gottemoller handed out goodies next to one of Joe Tirio’s vehicles.

The sides of the final elephant’s trailer was festooned with campaign signs.

Signs from lots of Republican candidates were affixed to this Joe Tirio vehicle.

And just in case people didn’t remember his 2016 campaign slogan–“I won’t Hire My Wife”–Tirio had it printed on the back of his campaign shirts.

Joe Tirio’s slogan from two years ago’s campaign for McHenry County Recorder of Deeds remains the same for his campaign for County Clerk: “I Won’t Hire my Wife.”


CL Independence Day Parade – Part 5 – Joe Tirio — 6 Comments

  1. Good thing too.

    I heard it looked like he needed a defibrillator.

  2. @Heinrich LOL I think the worst ASS KISSING is coming from Jacko Franks kissing JB’s ASS!

  3. Yup. kissing JB’s ass is the first full-time job Franks has had in his whole adult life. I heard he’s related to Pritzker. Anyone else hear that?

  4. They aren’t related although they may attend the same religious services.

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