Defenders Seek Visual Support for Solar Panel Zoning at Tuesday County Board Meeting

A message from the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County:

McHenry County Board to Vote on County’s First Community Solar Projects

On Tuesday evening, July 17, the McHenry County Board will vote on the first community solar projects in our county. This potential move toward a more sustainable energy future in McHenry County represents a historic moment for our communities.


The Environmental Defenders encourages members and friends to attend this important meeting Tuesday evening that will decide on THREE community solar projects. Due to the awareness that some opposition exists, it remains even more vital that support for community solar is exhibited at this meeting.

An opportunity to advocate for Communtiy Solar!

We ask that our members wear Environmental Defenders’ apparel if possible or a simple name tag that says, “I Support Community Solar.” There will also be an opportunity to stand up for community solar at the meeting.

The location is:
County Administration Building
County Board Conference Room
667 Ware Road, Woodstock
7PM, Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The County Board’s agenda can be found here.


Defenders Seek Visual Support for Solar Panel Zoning at Tuesday County Board Meeting — 30 Comments

  1. “more sustainable energy future in McHenry County”

    What a stupid statement.

    They make it sound like you can plug into a nearby solar project.

  2. No, Paul Revere, it is a begining, just like Henry Ford and Wilbur Wright.

  3. Just another Operation Dumbo Cash Drop.

    Meeting will prove P.T. Barnum was right.

  4. Has anyone seen a cost projection, ROI projection, or a comparison of energy cost for the McHenry County’s First Community Solar Project?

    Does the proposal include local tax payer subsidies?

  5. Visual Support? Well keep it simple Folks, require all residents to turn their Dryers Off, hang your Laundry out on a cloths line to dry. Solar Energy can be inexpensive.

  6. **This isn’t the role of the gov’t.**

    What specifically isnt the role of government?

  7. More Enviro/Eco – Marxism that the taxpayers will be forced to bear the cost of
    at some point.

    If you want this for your own use on your own property fine, go for it, but leave
    me and all the other overtaxed citizens out of it.

  8. I have family members that use solar in California.

    If you do not like heat or hot water. Works great.

    Areas with a lot of tree coverage have problems charging them.

    Does the Conservation group want to remove a lot of trees to let the sun in???

    Direct tv has had to move there discs from many homes in our area because of trees blocking signals just like they block the sun.

  9. Not so fast!

    Solor energy is a good thing but when an industrial solar project enters a residential neighborhood slow down.

  10. The new solar panels produced by Solar City are actually economical.

    Solar roofs with a battery wall unit will take you off the grid completely.

    The one thing I would worry about at this latitude, and the company proposing thus should have the answers, is how to combat the snow and our shorter days.

    Very different from a solar farm in Texas or New Mexico.

  11. Cal Skinner, now why would HOA’s and Municipalities want to ban clothes hanging outside, it is a temporary function . . . Solar Panels seem to be more of a permanent eyesore, and costly.

  12. The people backing these “solar farms” are not too well informed.

    To wit, a post of mine from 4-16-2018

    The so called solar farms that want to be built on McHenry County farmland is industrialized use of some of the most productive cropland in the world.

    The availability factor of a solar power plant at Latitude 42-15’33” N of McHenry County is just ridiculous at 14-16% by my calculation.

    This is nothing more than a multi-level tax dodge.

    Some useful video & reading:

  13. It IS the role of government to allow for conditional use permits to permit these types of projects on what is otherwise agricultural land.

    Considerable additional tax revenues will be generated by each solar farm.

    So they are a good thing for the taxpayers but need to be properly placed so as not to reduce adjoining property values.

    There will be a small benefit in terms of locally available power if they are placed nearby versus in a more distant location as well.

  14. How about some facts, not just the term considerable?

    The fact is no one knows, it’s all a big mystery.

  15. Remember when Oblahblah made us invest in all those solar companies? How’d that work out for us?

  16. In 2009, the inept Obama Administration approved a half billion dollar loan to a solar company named Solyndra. One of the top investors in that company was a presidential campaign contribution bundler for presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. The loan was made at taxpayer expense in that Solyndra went bankrupt in 20111.

  17. I forget the formula Paul but the local governments get revenues based on the number of kilowatt hours produced.

    It would be in the millions of dollars annually if all of the solar farms currently in the petition process were to be approved.

    Also, it takes the farm off of the ag property tax rates which more than doubles what is being paid currently.

    All of the revenues are to be divided between local governments in proportion to their percentage of the overall property tax, so most would be going to the schools.

    This should enable them to reduce their levies.

  18. Known?

    Are you saying it’s just another one of their schemes to delete farming?

    If you people still don’t see their global plans…?

  19. Re: “McHenry County Board to Vote on County’s First Community Solar Projects”

    The word “Community”. What does that mean? What or which “communities” will have
    control or oversight of the solar installation? Also, what amount of energy gathered
    by the solar panels will be sent to and used by exclusively the nearby communities such as Ringwood,
    McHenry, etc?

    100%, 50% or none?

    What is the significance of using the word “community” as in “Community Solar Project”?


  21. Known extremist said..”All of the revenues are to be divided between local governments in proportion to their percentage of the overall property tax, so most would be going to the schools.

    This should enable them to reduce their levies”

    Or it will allow them to just spend more and still ask for referendums 5 years from now.

  22. If the proposed solar sites merely feed into a large grid, do not see how or why the word “community” is part of the description of the sites.

  23. Calling it community is similar to the way CNN shapes it’s own fake news.

    Fox does the same.

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