GOP Seeks Volunteers

A message from McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Diane Evertsen:

Rauner Volunteers Needed

As you know, the Rauner team is using our Headquarters office for their campaign volunteers to get out the McHenry County vote.

This coming Saturday, July 21st, from 9 am to 9 pm, is another Day of Action for their team and they’d love to have you join with them in making telephone calls.

If you’ve never been engaged in this before, you’re in for a really fun time.

This is a really great way to connect with other McHenry County residents to encourage them to get out to vote in the November election.

Diane Evertsen in Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade.

I’m not entirely sure what other questions volunteers will be putting forth this Saturday, but you won’t be asked to convince people or engage in long conversations.

As you know, the Governor’s race is already heating up and we have to do everything we can to promote Republicans in State government.

If you can spend even one hour to make phone calls on Saturday the Rauner Team will greatly appreciate your help. You can show up at any time after 9 am to volunteer for one hour or the whole day – whatever fits into your schedule.

If you’d like further information, please contact Nolan Kirchner who’s in charge of Rauner volunteers at the Headquarters:


GOP Seeks Volunteers — 33 Comments

  1. Volunteer for that LYING, backstabbing, traitorous RINO bastard ? Not a chance.
    Get ready for Jumbo Boy to assume power.

  2. If we work for free for him, will he stop shooting us in the back?

  3. No Charles.
    Because like Jumbo Boy and Li’l Rahm, he believes that he is “entitled”.

  4. Unfortunately in many elections, voters are faced with two bad choices. Rauner is by far the lesser of two evils. Hold your nose and vote for him

    It is bad enough in Illinois with Democrats like Emanual, Madigan, Cullerton and what we have locally. We don’t need another Democrat at the top such as Pritzker.

  5. @bred – so what is the difference between RINO Rauner and Jumbo Boy ?
    RINO Rauner has already LIED and sold out his base, and believe me RINO Rauner
    being the LYING coward that he is will assuredly do it again as he has nothing to lose.
    So in the end it makes no difference which of the two is elected as the outcome
    will be the same. You get screwed, royally. I say screw them both and wait for the
    next election. I believe that Ms. Ives will run and then we will have someone with
    INTEGRETY to vote for.

  6. Agree with Bred Winner; JB will break us all. Stop whining and vote Rauner.

  7. In a county that carried Trump and Ives, he may need to pay people to work for him. The bloom is off the rose with Rauner but I won’t vote for Pritzket who will be a guaranteed higher tax bill and more progressive policy for the whole state!

  8. The reason Franks won State Rep was because it was and act of revenge from some Republicans that felt the party screwed them over. Now we pay the price for revenge. Was it worth it??
    Vote Rauner and hope we can come up with a better candidate next time.

  9. NO – send a message to the Republican party of Illinois, teach them a lesson
    that they will never forget. Make them RESPECT us.
    We will not tolerate being LIED to, abused and disrespected by RINO Rauner or the party elites.
    To do so reduces you to the level of a useful idiot.
    Support the candidates on the down ballot you feel are worthy of your vote.

  10. This picture of Evertson is truly a depiction of the failed republicans in McHenry County a fat pig feeding at the trough. Riding on her float rather than walking, either to lazy or better than those below her.

  11. Honest, you think that giving Dems another seat is going to work out well??? They won’t lie to you?? Think again. We will all be in the poor house with the tax hike a Dem gov will impose. Get the BIG picture.

  12. Sara:

    Get your history straight.

    Mike Brown was a bought and paid for Stooge of the George Ryan Culture of Corruption.

    Jack Franks compiled a record as probably the most conservative Democrat in a Northern State legislature. He also put together a record as someone who was willing to work across the aisle. I was a guest of Representative Osmond on the House floor one day when Lou Lang, the most obnoxious Democrat in the state, had to be physically separated by some Chicago reps from Jack after Jack had voted with the Republicans the day before.

  13. Charlie – so you would rather have Pritzker??? Right nowFranks is a HUGE problem. Do not let your past problems dump on to the rest of us. He is gettin a grip that we are going to pay highly for. Why do you think the Dems are such a huge presents here now?? Ed Burke and Durbin along with a lot of Chicago Dems here having meetings. More Den pc’s than we have ever had before. Chicago Dems coming her to teach them. Get you head out of the sand. I did say some were screwed over, however we need to look forward.

  14. We Republicans are faced with a conundrum: Do we swallow out pride and vote for the lesser of two evils or do we allow the opposition to destroy itself, and effect a Republican restoration in Illinois in 2020 and 2022?

    There will be no solution to Illinois problems until a Federal Bankruptcy Judge imposes one; the political will is not there for real solutions.

    We have seen the resurgence of Republican party strength in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and Arkansas after disastrous Democrat administrations. We are about to see a great Republican year in Minnesota after eight years of a Dayton governorship.

    We have to decide if we will be content to be junior partners in bad government or rebuild the state from a position of strength.

    The worst thing we can do is give Rauner our support for free after Sanctuary cities, the tax increase, and the blatant lie on the protection of babies. He owes us for prior services rendered; we will never collect if all we get is “I won’t be as bad as Pritzker”.

  15. @sara – if you enjoy being used as a whore and useful idiot of the Republican elites,
    devoid of all critical thought and principals then by all means – GO FOR IT !

  16. Charles? Absolutely nothing wrong with what Honest said. You might want to purchase a Thesaurus and learn to speak the language.

  17. It’s actually pretty silly to argue over any of this while your voting is still rigged and you don’t have any kind of say whatsoever in any outcome. until and unless they get rid of all digital voting (Smartmatic, Diebold, Optek)and institute an unbroken bipartisan chain of command for paper ballots, I will refrain from entering their digital prison. Jimmy Carter was so much worse than anyone could have ever imagined for handing us this corrupted system that he test drove in Venezuela (not to even mention the horrors of his Kristine Marcy invention of the SES).

  18. Calling a lady a whore constitutes the proper use of language? Probably in your house.

    As we have discussed before, I will match my education to yours anytime. And you will run away like you have everytime.

    Sanctimonious does not equal ethical.

  19. You are a complete idiot Charles. No one called anyone any names. You are a fool that knows NOTHING about your own language. No one is running from a soy boy like you.

  20. Please refer to Honest Abe at 10:30.

    Most of us would consider calling a lady a whore as an insult; obviously it would not be when applied to you.

    By the way, what is a soy boy?

  21. A vote for Pritzker will certainly bring higher taxes to Illinois without reform. Pritzker is just another Democrat that will fall in line with the Democrat crazies at the national level. The Democrat Party was long ago taken over by the far left lunatic fringe. Until the Party returns to a closer to center political norm of many decades ago, never vote for any Democrat at any level. Local, State, National. One has only to look at kooks such as Sanders and top Dem party leadership to see how they would destroy this Nation if they had control in DC and a majority of States.

    Hold your nose. Vote for Rauner and look for Jeanne Ives to emerge for a strong run for Gov in 2022.

  22. If Rauner loses, Ives will have a better chance of winning it all in 2022.

    The crash of Illinois government will happen and there will be no Republicans (or RINO’s) to blame.

    Rauner has to give me something affirmative to make up for his backshots before I vote for him again.

  23. All Illinois governors are limited to two consecutive terms including Rauner if he wins in Nov 2018. Ives has a better chance of winning in 2022 following Rauner rather that a Governor Pritzker. Pritzker would grow the Democrat base of voters by more government spending for freeloaders who then reciprocate and vote more Democrats.

    A troika of three top Democrat leaders in Illinois (Pritzker, Madigan, Cullerton) would most definitely increase taxes on all of us and would increase government spending all without solving the pension crisis.

  24. Tough one to not vote for Rauner with the thought of Pritzger, but there is a silver lining. Super majority of Dems with Pritzger at helm will expedite what has been going on for years. Average Illinois citizens have been like frogs being boiled to death still unaware, while those with the means and foresight are leaving or reducing their tax footprint in Illinois as much as possible. I for one need to stay a couple more years due to kids and elected to downsize reducing my property tax bill from 12k a year to 3k a year, 9k more now going into my Savings account.

  25. Good advice! I hold my nose every time I attempt to read the garbage my compassionate conservative friends spew here on a daily basis. Can you hear the whisper? It is the bluenami coming your way next November. It is overwhelming; and unstoppable. Dear Peter, you have 109 to update your CV. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  26. If any Republican wastes their vote by no vote you don’t send a message to Rauner or the Republican Party. You hand your vote to Pritzker and THAT will be the final blow to your own State and wealth.

    More people should have worked for Ives when she challenged Rauner in the Primary. The political structure is this: we vote for the best of the candidates given.

  27. Nelson and Justin are right on target.

    I, too, will never vote for Rauner. EVER.

    Let Fatty JB make a big splash!

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