CL Independence Day Parade – Part 7 – Donna & Rosemary Kurtz

Dona and Rosemary Kurtz thanked Crystal Lakers for allowing them to serve in public office.

Behind State Rep. Allen Skillicorn were Rosemary Kurtz and her daughter Donna.

For 45 years mother and daughter–Rosemary and Donna Kurtz–served local residents in elective office.

I kidded P:aul Mingus, Donna’s husband and driver of the convertible, that their had stepped up quite a bit from their previous parade entry, which I christened the “Kurtzmobile.”  Photo from 2013.

Donna is a member of the McHenry County Board and served on the McHenry County College Board previously.

Rosemary Kurtz served as Crystal Lake City Treasurer, then beat me for a seat in the Illinois House and, most recently, won a seat on the Crystal Lake High School Board.


CL Independence Day Parade – Part 7 – Donna & Rosemary Kurtz — 6 Comments

  1. Did they toss out fireworks for the kids?

    If so, I am sure that cal was disappointed; he likes free food products.

  2. Parades are for kids and simpletons, except maybe the Rose Bowl which displays great talent and creativity in creating the floats. I know, parents bring kids/toddlers to the parades. Something to do to pass the day. Politicians in parades is silly. Such as a woman politician riding on the handlebars of a bicycle.

  3. It’s getting very difficult to find clowns to march in these parades to entertain the kiddies. Having politicians marching is the next best thing.

    They are fun to look at as they participate and while they’re marching, there’s a good chance that they aren’t actively screwing us over!

  4. Sunshine blogger, was that car with the slogan “450 years of serving you” part of your float? Just asking. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

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