McHenry County Government’s Union Employees Statistics

With the United States Supreme Court having rules that public employees don’t have to pay union dues, McHenry County Blog is looking at the potential impact on local governments, including school districts.

Here is the information for McHenry County:

Description Total  
FOP Labor Unit 148,239.80  
Local 150 Dues – DOT Admin 27,570.61  
Local 150 Dues – DOT Memb 6,920.76  
Local 150 Dues – Facilities Admin 12,771.54  
Local 150 Dues – Facilities Memb 3,130.82  
MAP 515 Circuit Clerk Dues 18,894.00  
SEIU Dues 11,814.87  
SEIU Percent 59,389.64  
  # Employees  
FOP 290  
Local 150 40  
MAP 47  
SEIU 215  

The Service Employees International Union is the only one whose dues are a percentage of an employee’s salary.


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  1. They don’t work for you, but you pay their fat pensions forever!

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