Nolan Kirchner Leaders Rauner McHenry County Effort

Nolan Kirchner

Leading the campaign for Governor Bruce Rauner in McHenry County is a 24-year old from the Marengo area.

Nolan Kirchner of Coral Township is the lynch pin for vote getting locally.

The young man graduated from Eastern Kentucky University.

He is the one responsible for recruiting the those marching for Bruce Rauner in local parades.

He is operating out of McHenry County Republican Headquarters in the tip of the “V” at the Crystal Lake Plaza.

That is where my first State Rep. office was in 1973.

Bruce Rauner banner and marchers in Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade.

The next parades are at 1:30 for Fiesta Days’ in McHenry Sunday, July 22nd, and 11 AM for Founders Days’ in Algonquin, July 28th.

Those wishing to help elect Republicans are encouraged to come join marchers about an hour before the parades start.


Nolan Kirchner Leaders Rauner McHenry County Effort — 15 Comments

  1. Nolan is a delightful young man. I was very impressed by his knowledge and determination. He is definitely a charmer. It’s wonderful to have someone so young take a real interest in making things better. Good luck to him in all his endeavors.

  2. Satan, don’t you know this guy works for the Deep State? Open your eyes before it is too late, and watch out for all those pizza places around former idyllic McHenry County. 109 days, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  3. RINO Rauner is one and done.
    Anyone who supports or works for Rauner is aiding and abetting his LYING and traitorous
    actions. No ethics, no morals and no principles are not the values of the Conservative base.
    Nolan, you’ve got a lot to learn. You should have worked for Ms. Ives, who is a principled candidate.

  4. @Cindy – I refer you to my post @10:25am – it is clearly self-explanatory.

  5. BTW I did inform Nolan that what he was doing with Rauner would not be a good thing for the reasons Abe stated and so much more. He is still a wonderful inspiration for the younger generation. They want to change their future and stop the insanity! I also advised him of the type of thing that Bald_ is saying. I explained to him about the rigging and that the real change would come when we stop playing in their rigged playpen. He may have a lot to learn about how uphill a battle he is engaging, but at least he is open and honest and trying to do SOMETHING.

  6. One more thought. I admire Nolan’s dogged determination; even trudging the neighborhoods in the sweltering heat. Then again, I admired that very same quality in Kenneally. Look how well that turned out!

  7. LGBTQ! Rauner is so sweet to hire him!

    I will never vote for the crooked bastard.

  8. Nolan is more informed than most adults twice his age, a stepping stone for a future in politics.

  9. Definitely appreciated the support, Cindy!

    As a fellow conservative, I do have some issues with the Governor from abortion bill to the gun control bill. Of course, I will never expect to find a candidate or a politician that will fully adopt my beliefs (unless that person is me). But the Governor’s race is crucial to help turn this state around, in which it will certainly head in the wrong direction if JB Pritzker wins. Pritzker will be Madigan’s rubber stamp to impose even stricter gun laws (if he doesn’t ban them first) and unrestricted abortion and further drive even more people away from this state with crushing taxes, myself included!

    So given our options and looking ahead, Bruce Rauner is really the only option to try to turn this state around, which in the end is something we all want to see up and down the state. Ultimately, it is up to us if we want to see real change in Illinois and to actually DO SOMETHING to make it happen.

  10. I am incredibly impressed with the political knowledge and tireless dedication Nolan displays to the state of IL.

    If more people took ownership of the things happening and did their part to impact change (or simply educate themselves on the issues), IL would be in better shape.

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