Sick Time Payout – Plotting by a Republican House Clerk, Cashed in by Madigan’s Man

Illinois House Clerk Fred Seclke was the person who delivered the message that virtually all of the employees on the Republican staff when Bob Blair was elected House Speaker would not have jobs after the middle of January.

I was one of those who was laid off.

Due to my name being near the end of the alphabet, when I was sworn in as a member of the Illinois House two years later, pretty much the only seat left was in the front row.

Fred Selcke’s stood at the lower podium right in front of me.

We got along well.

When Fred was getting ready to retire, he convinced a House member to sponsor a bill that would allow state employees to get paid for half of the sick days that they had not taken.

The bill passed and, when Fred retired, he undoubtedly received a big check.

Fast forward to House Speaker Mike Madigan’s House Clerk, Tim Mapes.

Chicago Tribune editorial from July 1, 2018, urging an end to payouts for untaken sick leave and vacation time.

Mapes, a forty-year employee of Madigan, who was forced to resign by Madigan over sexual harassment charges just received $130,500 in unused sick and vacation time.

The Tribune argues that state government should discontinue that practice.


Sick Time Payout – Plotting by a Republican House Clerk, Cashed in by Madigan’s Man — 3 Comments

  1. At the McH Township Annual meeting the people voted to require proof of a savings before the elimination of the road dist vote.

    Bob Anderson always says let the people vote, so will he honor these voters vote?

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