CL Independence Day Parade – Part 11 – Mary Mahady

Mary Mahady had a banner at the beginning of her supporters in the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade.

Following State Senate Candidate Nancy Zettler was State Senate candidate Mary Mahady.

A better view of Mary Mahady’s supporters.  Mary Mahady is in the white shirt behind the banner.

The Democrat is currently in her second term as McHenry Township Assessor.

More Mary Mahady marchers.

She is opposed by Republican Craig Wilcox.


CL Independence Day Parade – Part 11 – Mary Mahady — 5 Comments

  1. I count at least 3 McHenry Township employees in her retinue.

    Patronage ‘workers,’ Proud Mary?

  2. Why doesn’t she have the words “Filthy Democrat” on any of her signage?

    She should really stay away from the starches and sugars.

    One of the bus drivers for the township said she was unlike the other township officials because she at least came to work most days.

    But she has an unusually low tax assessment for herself and her Demo cronies, like Beltran (one of her walkers). Gee, I wonder why!?

  3. She has a condo. Her tax assessment is above many for her space. In fact, she increased the assessment on that building in which she lives AFTER she moved there. Spend more time investigating and less time defaulting to petty insults about appearance

  4. Yes, Virginia, you’re a Mahady shill, and fill this blog with lies.

    Mahady does NOT live in a condo! (Unless she just moved)

  5. She just committed Political suicide by increasing the assessments on three neighborhoods in McHenry.

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