Stopping the Illinois House Clock

A time-honored tradition in Springfield is ignoring the deadline after which the number of votes to pass a bill increases from a simple majority to a three-fifths majority.

By “tradition,” I mean that it happened more than once.

One, for instance,  was when Governor Jim Thompson was seeking a massive subsidy for a new White Sox stadium to keep them from moving to Florida.

In 1975, after the Democrats took control of the Illinois House following the Watergate Scandal, the food concessions on the third floor of the State Capitol were being dismantled at the end of the session.  No more hot dogs right outside the door.

I found the clock that had been hanging on the wall and took it inside the House Chamber.

When midnight had come and the House was still doing business, I held up the clock for all to see, advancing the minute hand as time ticked on.

UPI’s Seth Perlman took the photo below:

I don’t know whether this was the night that two big black Representatives–Jimmy Taylor and Howard Brookins–had to physically life Mike Madigan up and carry him up and carry him out of the Chamber as Democrats stormed the podium, but that certainly did happen one year when Bill Redmond was House Speaker.

That was the same night that Springfield’s Doug Kane, sitting on the center aisle three rows back, throw the Rule Book at Madigan as Madigan blatantly violated its provisions.


Stopping the Illinois House Clock — 5 Comments

  1. Oh Cal, this might really unhinge our Tick tocking Angel Pussy, put out some free Cat Food for him to pick up.

  2. Did you stop the clock because of the hot dog controversy? You always like a cheap or free dose of food. I always remember you with free food all over your face (sick looking) and your cheap camera shoved into a poor unsuspecting person’s face. You were a fool then, and some things never change.

  3. tommy, your issues are serious and your bitterness is nasty, don’t you have a brother you can talk to and resolve some problems you have. I asked once before if Dave was your brother, you never responded?

  4. Sunshine blogger: despite the field day I had with the image of free food all over your face provided by our friend Tom, we are still supporting you and your sick libertarian agenda against all odds…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

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