Woodstock Pays $5,000 a Month for Springifled Lobbyist

Some  local  governments in McHenry County don’t think their State Representative and State Senator are adequate to represent their interests in Springfield.

They hire lobbyists, too.

The City of Woodstock pays Joyce Nardulli’s company $60,000 in 2018 for such services.

Here is what she is supposed to do for Woodstock:

Part of Joyce A. Nardulli, LCC, contract with the City of Woodstock.

The price has remained the same since 2014.


Woodstock Pays $5,000 a Month for Springifled Lobbyist — 14 Comments

  1. But your not a world class podunck, until your able to waste money, searching for other wasted money, that you can be wasting.

  2. Now that the transportation spending by State of Illinois is decided, will Woodstock fire the lobbyist?

  3. All sunshine commenters will enthusiastically support these lobbying expenditures as soon as the phrase “meeting with legislators and governor’s office to achieve lower taxes” is included as part of the job description and will label the expenditures as “money well spent.” See where the libertarian parallel universe will take you? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  4. Hey, I’m a long time viewer of this blog, but I’ve never posted … until now.

    I live in McH Co., but moved here from Springfield.

    I know Joyce Nardulli and her second (?) husband Steven, who’s a retired Judge in Springfield. We lived in the same general area and had kids at the same schools, went to same stores, etc

    She’s a complete ultra-liberal (and will talk your arm off, if you allow her), as was he, and I mean ULTRA.

    They were big on all kinds of liberal things like abortion, gun control, etc., especially same sex marriage for reasons that I cannot explain. (A gay child or relative???) She asked me to sign a petition awhile back (in the run-up before the State legislature voted on it); and when I wouldn’t, she called me “blackshirt” and acted like I personally offended HER because I wouldn’t sign!

    I’d since found out a ‘blackshirt’ was some sort of militia that backed Benito Mussolini in the 1920s. I am Italian.

    The next time I saw her, I asked why she called me a ‘blackshirt’… and she answered ‘because you are retrogressive and I’m progressive’ and that people like me were ‘ruining America.’

    I politely asked her if we ‘could agree to disagree’ —- after all, she was supposed to be a lobbyist!

    She said “No Way! I don’t need people like you and neither does Illinois. Why don’t you just die, it’ll be a better place.”

    Although she was woman, and I do try to be nice and all, I reacted by telling her she ‘could go to hell!’

    She never spoke to me again (which was great!)

  5. Joyce Nardulli is a Mike Madigan minion-creep from WAY BACK!

    This is from a transcript of her (page 11): https://www.ideals.illinois.edu/bitstream/handle/2142/47480/Nardulli%20Oral%20History%20Transcript.pdf?sequence=3

    “Q. No. That’s great. So you had a job lined up by the time you graduated?

    A. No, actually before. Those interviews started for me in February and I actually went to work for the House Democrat staff for Speaker Madigan on April 23, 1984. And I clearly remember as I’m wearing my cap and gown and standing in the lineup everyone around me saying, “Well now is the tough part, now we have to go out and find a job.” And I didn’t want to brag and say, “Not me, I’ve got a job.””

  6. a mistake: above excerpt from page 9

    this is from page 11:

    “Q. Ok, but you have certainly been involved in… I forgot to ask you. Would you please share what your current position is and what other jobs you’ve had since graduation?

    A. Sure, well sure. I am currently the Vice-President for Government Relations for the Illinois Banker’s Association; I’m in my seventh year here. I started December of 2003. I spent twelve and a half years working for the Illinois State Medical Society as an Assistant Vice President of Government Relations from 1991 to 2003. And I spent seven years working for Speaker Madigan from 1984 to 1991. So 26, 27 years in state government related work.”

  7. My Question: What’s the connection between Mayor Sager and Joyce Nardulli?

    One thing’s for sure, it couldn’t be romantic!

    Remember, both are parasites hellbent on separating the taxpayer from his hard-earned wages to build some kind of wonderful socialist/communist empire where, they of course, will decide who will eat.

    Nutjob Sager minces about Woodstock Square (but not with his houseboy) calling for another 1 percent sales tax to be added on to all nonfood purchases! “…the City will engage in public dialogue to consider the addition of a one percent (1%) sales tax; that is, one cent added to every dollar spent, except on food, vehicles and medicines.”


  8. This Nardulli has also been a leech on McHenry County Taxpayers for a long time.

    Did you know about “The McHenry County Council of Governments” ???

    Talk about Big Government ……… it’s an organization that local governmental units fund to create another lobbying group, which in turn hires lobbyists like Nardulli for big bucks! So, Woodstock hired Nardulli itself, but also hired her for MCCG!!!!!! Great isn’t it!!! It is, but only for Nardulli.

    This Nardulli has also been a leech on McHenry County Taxpayers for a long time

    “This has been an exciting year at the MCCG that included a few changes. We said goodbye
    to long-time Administrative Assistant Lori Ciezak and welcomed Executive Director,
    Chalen Daigle, in June and Administrative Assistant, Crystal Ulen, in November. In
    addition, the MCCG hired lobbyist, Joyce Nardulli, who has proven to be a real asset to
    the organization.”

    GO TO PAGE THREE: https://www.mchenrycountycog.org/2014-2015%20AnnualReport%202.pdf

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