Ramping Up for the McHenry Township Road District Abolition Referendum

Supporters of the referendum to put the McHenry Township Road District operations under the oversight of the McHenry Township Board elected in 2021.

There was a pretty massive turnout of supporters of putting the McHenry Township Road District under the Township Board at the Fiesta Days Parade.

They are calling themselves “Citizens For Consolidation”

Teens carried a banner.

Teens carried a “Vote Yes” banner in front of the Fiesta Days Parade marchers in support of abolishing the McHenry Township Road District as a government virtually separate from McHenry Township

There was an old car with a “Vote Yes” sign.

A Model T was in the “Vote Yes” Fiesta Days Parade entry.

A golf cart was driven in support of abolition of the Road District as an independent unit of government as well.

A more modern transportation mode, a golf cart, was also in the “Vote Yes” Fiesta Days Parade contingent.

Tuesday opponents of changing the governance of township government, led by Woodstock’s Tina Hill countered with a

Tina Hill

request for support for campaign to defeat the elimination of McHenry Township Road District.

I am sending this to all township trustees in the county in the hopes you support our position.

Regards, Tina Hill, Chairwoman Citizens for Facts First

You can read her letter below:

Letter from Tina Hill seeking support to defeat the referendum to place Highway Department operations under the McHenry Township Board after the 2021 election.


Ramping Up for the McHenry Township Road District Abolition Referendum — 30 Comments

  1. I can’t imagine a less credible person to lead the opposition than Tina Hill.

    It almost makes me think someone is intentionally sabotaging the pro Road District faction.

  2. Better oversite, no savings.

    Is it true what I’ve heard, Bob has flipped and is no longer claiming there will be a savings?

  3. Oh yes, snowplow Bob has flipped for sure.
    The letter says it all.
    One man’s obsessive and compulsive agenda.

    Once again, I see the road district workers out doing their jobs all the time.

    Roads are plowed in the winter, weeds are mowed in the summer.

    If one needs a culvert put in, or anything asked of the MTRD, it is done immediately.

  4. Give me oversight of millions of dollars by a five-man board instead of a one-man kingdom any day.

    Too bad Nunda isn’t giving us the same common sense choice!

  5. How about the “Fact” that she’s a menace on the township roads!

    id she get booted out of Woodstock?

  6. Jim Condon said that the consolidation would hurt the township.

    Since almost everything Condon says about townships is self-serving and false, I took his saying to mean

    “Consolidation will help the township.”

  7. Children and even dogs wearing your color to appear to be such a large group, all on the wrong side of this issue.

  8. If our sunshine blogger supports it, it must be GR-R-REAT! Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  9. Our bold McHenry County Board Chairman has not taken a position on this consolidation referendum, to the best of my knowledge.

  10. Oops, the mrs must be drinking the township kool-ade or maybe she and her husband are serving it.

  11. Tina Hill is the PERFECT mouthpiece for big bloated government of do-nothing twerps.

    That’s what she was, and her sad record as County Board Chairfool confirms it.

    She opens her big fat mouth and shouts for higher taxes.

    Just make sure she does it AFTER she takes a hit of Listerine to hide other beverages.

  12. It’s funny how people hide behind names and make harmful statements.

    Worse yet is a blog like this allowing it.

    But worst of all is the fact the not one of the people supporting the elimination of the Road District will engage in useful discussion on what their real concerns are and productive resolutions.

    That doesn’t fit Anderson’s agenda of eliminating the township altogether.

    Mr. Skinner can show all one-sided pictures he want and people can say all the harmful things they want but the fact remains that elimination of the Road District is a mistake for many reasons to of which are 1.

    You pool money currently meant for roads with the township funds and thus roads get put on the back burn (look at most municipalities), 2.

    Again, this is just Anderson’s first step in getting rid of townships and making bigger government else and when was the last time that work in a state controlled by democrats.

  13. Condon, it might help if you edit what you write. It would make you sound a little more intelligent, not much, but a little.

  14. Mr. Condon, you might want to edit your entry. It would make you sound a little more intelligent, not much, but a little.

  15. Mr. Condon, perhaps if you would proof read you words before submitting they might sound a little more intelligent, not much, but a little.

  16. Hey Jimmy how many lawsuits filed against your road district since you were appointed and how many before you ?

    How much is enough?

    It’s over taxpayer’s tired of people like you enriching family and friends on back of the working taxpayer

  17. I really get a kick out of Clown Condon.

    His high salary just got cut, saving the taxpayers plenty. Now the Road District will be under the review of five persons, not the fat cat nepotistic Road Commissar.

    So sure he’s mad. Crooks never look at things objectively.

    They blame others for their greed.

    Get your resume out Clown Condon. You don’t have to put your bankruptcy(ies) on it.

    Try and get a real job!

    Here’s my question to you:

    Why did you hire Bob Miller as a ‘consultant’

    Can’t you do the job?

    What on earth do you need his advice for?

    Did you ask him about the best attractions at Disneyland, or where were the best Hooters in WI.

    Or how to get away with decades of corruption?

    Are you hammered again?

  18. Your Royal Majesty, Jimbo “the Slurer’ Condon.

    Did your kid get hired at McHenry Township? That’s Nepotism.

    Did you hire Bobby Miller? That’s dumb.

    Did you get things expunged? That’s funny.

  19. Tina (Hill) and James (Condom) sitting in the tree
    K-i-s-s-i-n-g! (spell it out)
    First comes townships,
    Then comes marriage.
    Then comes baby* in the baby carriage,
    Sucking their thumbs,
    Wetting their pants,
    Doing the hula, hula dance!

    *higher taxes/nepotism/grifting/waste

  20. Bill why did you run for township office knowing you were moving out of state? Why did you publicly berate township employees at meetings?

    Wasn’t it you that told Craig Adams to shove the gravel up his ass?

    Real classy please donis all a favor and let Bob move in with you

  21. Having relocated here from Georgia last year (I’m an ex-USAF/and now commercial pilot, I know I should keep my mouth shut about local McHenry Co. politics until I’ve lived here a few years.

    But, I must add something here:

    First of all, the above comments made me laugh so hard, I thought I’d have to go to the ER for a hernia.

    Haven’t laughed so hard in years!

    I’m definitely on the side of the anti-Township folks because, as I see it, there’s way too much temptation, if not outright corruption, as in Algonquin Township.

    I attended the Viet Nam Mem. Wall exhibition and spoke to McHenry Township Greg Adams for a bit.

    I came away shaking my head.

    That fellow is a typical government munchkin trying to justify his full time job, but a job that’s totally unnecessary.

    He tried to solicit me to “help” him defeat the consolidation referendum coming this November.

    I said I’m here for a memorial presentation, then he said if the referendum wins, then events like this would be “over for good.”

    I told him I got sticker shock when I saw my tax bill for residential property. (An airline relocation company never told me what I’d be paying here!)

    He blamed the whole thing on ‘Schools.’

    When I said, “what about you?” He said he turned down a $200,000 something job to take the township job as Township supervisor, and that he did it to ‘help the community and the veterans’ (which he was not a veteran, BTW– I did ask him)

    When people say they take pay cuts for altruistic rationales, I’m suspicious to say the least.

    But when a government official says this crud, I know I’ve got a faker on my hands.

    I didn’t completely tell Adams I was big into local politics in Georgia, or that I helped defeat a recent screwed up scheme to introduce townships into Georgia. See, i. e.,: https://www.ajc.com/news/local-govt–politics/townships-won-become-reality-georgia/UvJy2ygTO50rZd96QSgdcK/?icmp=np_inform_variation-test

    Then it hit me like a Beaufort #12 scale wind force: In Georgia, we used the example of all the out-of-control corruption (and nepotism) IN ILLINOIS TOWNSHIPS as a rational for keeping them out of Georgia!

    GO WILCOX!!!


    Please submit your proposed comment to JAMES CONDON (Above Commenter and McHenry Township RD Commishioner; aka “Clown Condon”)

    He will then decide if it will be ever allowed on this or any other blog.




  23. I got some good laughs out of the above too, ‘RidingTheBeam.”

    Here is my contribution —

    In the 1979 Vietnam War movie, Apocalypse Now, the Marlon Brando character, highly-decorated Colonel Kurtz, has gone off the reservation, realized he was a mere pawn by Pentagon idiots and lying politicians and commands his own Montagnard troops, deep inside neutral Cambodia. CIA and U. S. Army send an alcoholic (Martin Sheen) to “terminate” him “with extreme prejudice.”

    The confrontation is iconic: COL Kurtz: “Are you an assassin?”

    Sheen: “I’m a soldier.”

    Kurtz: “You’re neither. You’re an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.”

    That’s Tina Hill to a ‘T’ — the representative of the discredited political class who thinks she can kill the idea of FREEDOM

  24. Doesn’t Hill live in Woodstock?

    -Or did she get shamed out of there and now roosts in McHenry?

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