Reporting from Within the March that Shut Down Lake Shore Drive Shows Influence of American Communists

Reprinted with permission from John Ruberry’s Marathon Pundit blog, which is on my list or regular reading:

Pictures from the Chicago anti-violence march that you won’t see in the mainstream media

Your beloved Blogger Laureate of Illinois hit the streets for some good old-fashioned citizen journalism.
This time I was on the North Side of Chicago to cover this afternoon’s anti-violence march that briefly shut down all eight lanes of Lake Shore Drive during rush hour.
The protest’s size grew a little when it entered the Lakeview neighborhood, but  when the marchers entered Lake Shore Drive, according to Chicago Police estimates, there were only 150 protesters.
Let that sink in.
Tens of thousands of drivers–and bus passengers–had their commutes ruined by.
Let’s be real here, a handful of radicals.
Of course the protesters didn’t have a rally permit.
And Chicago officials just let this mess happen.

As they have in the past with similar rallies.

Chalk this up as another reason why Chicago is one of the few major cities with a declining population.

Did I say chalk? Surely these chalk messages scrawled on Lake Shore Drive will transform the gangbangers into peaceful Chicagoans.

Chicago parents: Do you know where your unionized teacher is?

Eight lanes of traffic unused. Thousands of evenings wrecked. All because of, let me remind you, 150 left-wing protesters.

In July the meddlesome priest, the Reverend Michael Pfleger, held a similar anti-violence protest that blocked all twelve lanes of the Dan Ryan Expressway on the South Side.

And do you know what? Chicagoans are still killing each other.

Perhaps a series of rallies in front of the homes of the leaders of the Vice Lords, the Latin Kings, and the Simon City Royals might be more effective. And I can assure you that these gangsters don’t live on major expressways.

That poster, held by a someone wearing a shirt touting, that is, the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, reads, “A 6-year-old died because of ICE. A system that cages and tortures children is a system that must be overthrown.”

I thought this was an anti-violence protest. Oh, a quick Google search will show that no six-year-old died in the custody of ICE–the commie told me it happened “a couple of days ago.” And that widely-distributed photograph of a migrant child behind a cage was a staged event that was part of a Dallas protest. Allegedly a toddler, not a six-year-old, died after being released from ICE, but the agency denies the report.

It’s fake news.

“Assata is welcome here.” Well isn’t that special. But Assata who? If it’s Assata Olugbala Shakur, the former JoAnne Deborah Chesimard, then she is referring to a convicted cop killer–I thought this was an anti-violence march–who is an escaped prisoner living in Cuba under political asylum.

The communists in Cuba should cough up this murderer.

Shakur is on the FBI’s list of most wanted terrorists.

“Veterans for Trump, Make America Great Again.” Here’s one protester who is not a left-winger.

During the 2016 presidential campaign Donald Trump brought up Chicago’s sky-high murder rate more than Barack Obama, a Chicagoan, did during his entire eight years in the White House.

Eventually the protest made its way onto Belmont Avenue, with the ultimate destination of Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs.

“Trump/Pence must go!” Exactly what does that message have to do with Chicago’s violence epidemic? Help me out here, please.

That man’s shirt reads, “Swish, Mary, sissy, queer, fairy, pansy, faggot.”

“I don’t always march in left-wing protests, but when I do I put on my autographed Colin Kaepernick jersey.”

911 is a joke? Really? Is this man a September 11 “truther?” Again, what does 9-11 have to do with Chicagoans slaughtering each other?

Or is this loon claiming that Chicago’s emergency telephone number is a joke?

If this guy’s home is broken into, will he call 911? Or will he dial the cell number of Tio Hardiman, one of the organizers of the protest?

“White isn’t always right.”

When the left isn’t politicizing everything in sight they are racializing it.

I’ll wager that the woman holding the sign is always wrong.

And just who is saying “White is always right?”

The couple that protests together stays together.

“White silence equals white consent.”

Consent for what?

Hmm…same color poster board as the sign two pics up. Same handwriting too.

“North Side contentment is not more important than black lives.” Who thinks like that?

Some of the racializing this evening used dog whistle terms. “North Side” is white. “South Side” is black. In a majority-minority city, what does that really mean?

Oh, of Chicago’s 77 official neighborhoods, Donald Trump prevailed in only one–Mount Greenwood on the South Side.

“Hey, hey, what do you say, we’re going to disrupt the North Side today.”

Business was slow at the bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops near the ballpark.

Eventually the scrum made it to Wrigley Field. Oh, the Cubs ended up losing this game to the Padres.

Cub fans look down at the rabble. Oh, take a good look at the man in the Cubs hat. He’s giving the protesters the finger.

The communist banner declares, “This system cannot be reformed. It must be overthrown.”

A radical from the Students for a Democratic Society–a 1960s group that counts Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers’ terrorist Weather Underground as one of its descendants–once wrote, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.”

The more things change…


Reporting from Within the March that Shut Down Lake Shore Drive Shows Influence of American Communists — 22 Comments

  1. Excellent reporting from our sunshine blog, beacon of journalism and pride of forever rural McHenry County. Despite being an excellent piece of life-risking, unbiased, professional reporting, I will allow myself to make a small correction; the Cubs fan is showing the middle finger to our sunshine blogger; other than that, everything looks fine. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  2. Watching that garbage on the news I thought the same thing, what is your point?

    What message?

    They were all out there for different reasons and I’ll bet all but a few knew why.

    When asked by reporters, none had a real answer.

    Stopping the violence begins in the violent neighborhoods.

    Raise your children, when you see something, say something!

    You want jobs, stores, cheap housing, work towards it and protect the stores that are there.

    Who would open a store that going to be robbed regularly?

    Pull yourself up!

    We already know that throwing money at this doesn’t work.

  3. I can sum this article up in one sentence. “So a bunch of misguided degenerates gathered to litter and were not positively received by on lookers.’

  4. This demonstration made about as much sense as the riots where the theme seems to be: “You disrespect us therefore we are going to burn down our home, loot and destroy neighborhood businesses, and then come back in a month and complain about how we have no homes nor any place to shop!”

    OTOH perhaps some good will come of this and the good citizens (there ARE still many living there) will vote out the likes of Rahm, et al. Political whores who will allow, no, aid and abet lawbreakers to win their votes.

    Rahm’s in trouble and he knows it. I don’t care WHO gets in so long as it’s not Rahm

  5. You missed the sign that said:

  6. These antifa scum need delousing– and perhaps a bit more.

    Just like the homo parades which are very carefully clipped and crafted for evening news viewing as wholesome fun, if ordinary folks saw the human rats for what they are, not the edited fake news, the sheeple might get roused enough to say “Not one more inch.”

    But alas, ordinary folk cannot, under any circumstances, be allowed to see what lies in store for them when the pukes prevail.

    It’s like Bill Kurtis said, when he was a news anchor, he was told there would ‘never’ be any unfavorable information about homosexuality put on WBBM, even during the height of the AIDS ‘crisis’ because it was the ‘network and affiliate’s policy.’

  7. I especially like the claim that two different posters are the color (even though they’re not) so there must be some kind of conspiracy.

    Also – this March was organized by a Rauner supporter. That was somehow left out?

  8. Wait till the real riots, fires and killings commence.

    Can’t wait, really.

  9. I think most if not all the people running against Rahm are all running to his left — complaining that Chicago doesn’t tax and spend enough.
    Be careful what you wish for…

  10. Some days I do get a kick out of Angel’s infantilism and/or his cluelessness on display for all to see.

    Today is one of those days when I read his puerile comment above.

    But remember that such a moron is a public school teacher and you’re paying his overblown salary, while he attempts to poison weakminded adolescents with his drooling drivel. So, who’s the fool?

    But I take heart that given the technologies of today and tomorrow, fallen Angel will, one day, in a more rational world under steely, Western administration, be hunted down to his Dominican Republic backwater, promptly turned over by a compliant government obeying an extradition request, and brought to the justice he so richly deserves.

  11. Which Rauner supporter supposedly organized the protest?

    The only organizers I could find are Tio Hardiman, Gregory Livingston, and Eric Russell, and I’m pretty sure they are all hard left professional complainers.

  12. Didn’t this marching group want Ram Emanual to resign? How can that be. Ram was a top guy in the white house for the annoited one who could do no wrong. Barack Hussein Obama. Obama from Chicago picked Ram as a top guy. These marchers are in effect saying that Obama was way wrong. But, Obama is Chicago’s kind of guy. He was a white sox fan and went to Kaminsky Field. Why does not Obama come back to Chicago with all of his great wisdom and fix the problems of this city. After all its only a city. Obama was going to run the world.

  13. Looking at the photos and signs of marchers anyone of sound mind and common sense could correctly conclude that some of these people were useful idiots and simpletons. The only photo that makes sense is the one that states “Veterans for Trump’.

  14. Does Brian Sager, Lord Mayor of Woodstock know the fellow “Swish Mary”?

    Mayor “Bri” had another cow last week.

    A near meltdown in City Hall over a saying at the Woodstock Bible Church’s sign about marriage should be between a man and a woman, a sign that HRH “Bri” didn’t like one little bit.

    He called the queer gestapo at:

  15. Thank you sunshine blogger for your continuous public service defending our country from communism and anarchy. Stay tuned…94 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  16. Useful idiots of the left, just like the cowardly Marxist ARL himself.

    These low I.Q. immature fools and their DEMOCRAT overlords make Chiraq the violence filled dystopian
    Detroit by the lake sanctuary city turd world shithole that it has become, and will forever be from this day on.

    Let the civil war begin.

    The sooner we get it started the sooner we can get it over with, and thereby
    restore civility and order to America for Americans.

  17. So abe wants a civil war. Wow. Who are you going to fight, abe? Get out your trusty lazar gun that you got from the back of your comic book and….. pew pew pew away.

    Go listen to some more alex jones, abe

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