Politics at the McHenry County Fair

I made my annual trip to the McHenry County Fair Saturday afternoon looking for political aspects.

The booth of the McHenry County Citizens for Choice was the first political display I saw.

Coming in the back of the only air conditioned building, I saw the McHenry County Citizens for Choice.

McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler was behind the table of the GOP booth.

Next was the McHenry County Republican Party’ s display.

McHenry County Clerk candidate Drew Giorgi was one manning the Democratic Party booth.

The Democrats were in the opposite corner of the building.

Tonya Franklin, a Republican Precinct Committeeman, who wanted to run against Jack Franks for State Rep., but was not allowed to by the local GOP, had a tent inside the air conditioned building.

Supporting the Second Amendment was Tonya Franklin.  She had a Joe Tirio for County Clerk fan out front.

During my first pass, a McHenry County Board candidate–Kelli Wegnener (District 3)–and was at a well-laced tent advancing the interests of Democratic Party female candidates.

Next sighting was a tent sponsored by those supporting Democratic Party women for office.

Suzanne Ness

Kelli Wegener

I searched for the tent that Jack Franks has had for as long as he has held public office, but found nothing.

When I returned past the Women’s tent of the Democratic Party, another County Board candidate had arrived, Suzanne Ness (District 2).

Off to the nexr building.

The Libertarian Party booth.

Kash Jackson

There I found the Libertarian Party booth.

The second time through, I found the party’s candidate for Governor, Kash Jackson.

As I walked to the other side of the non-air conditioned building, I saw three Pro-Life displays.

First was one sponsored by 1st Way Life Center.

The 1st Way Life Center entry was staffed by two young women.

Right next door was the larger display sponsored by the Catholic Churches of McHenry County.

The Pro-Life display by the Catholic Churches of McHenry County seemed to cover at least three spaces..

And down the aisle was Peter’s Net, a group that sued the County Fair Board when the Board tried to put all religious entries into a religious ghetto off the beaten track.

Peter’s Net did not get banished to the “Faith Tent” by the McHenry County Fair Board.

Fortunately, the Thomas Moore Society took up the cause of Peter’s Net.

These two boys were given Cross necklaces at the Peter’s Net booth.

McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio’s County Fair fan.

After that intervention, the plot thicken in 2015.  The Fair Board backed down.

Then it was back to the Republican booth where County Clerk candidate and others were handing out Joe Tirio fans, complete with his “iWontHireMyWife!” slogan.

A subsequent post will be about what I saw.


Politics at the McHenry County Fair — 15 Comments

  1. Why didn’t the Democrats and the Republicans just share a booth?

    With Rauner, Kenneally, Reick & Co. what’s the difference?

    I see the local GOP is ashamed of their Gov. Candydate and don’t have his photo up?

    And the Donkey/Ass Open-Border Party doesn’t have a pix of their Goddess Hillary either!

  2. The GOP booth put up pictures of all GOP candidates who followed thru and provided a picture.

    Either the request was not returned or it came to late to process.

    To assume that one is ashamed is 100% incorrect.

    Nolan Kirchner, Bruce Rauner’s Field Office Manager in McHenry County was on-site in the booth at varies times helping out.

    It just shows the Lady Jane loves to opinionize and not know the true facts.

  3. The real question is why was the picture of my sunshine blogger left out of the booth. He is a living, breathing institution of the republikkklan party and this sunshine blog proves it all. At least, my racist legion of justice warrior was there next to patriot Evertsen on Tuesday…Stay tuned…92 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Glen Swanson, maybe you like to get lied to by our Gov. I don’t.

    I voted GOP every time. But I do not reward a liar and a fake with another vote.

    If I did vote for Raunchy Rauner, I’d be a GOP chump, like you!

    Here’s where my protest votes goes: https://mccannforillinois.com/about

    From Sam McCann Websight:

    As long time Illinoisans, we have seen Chicago Democrats and Rauner-type Republicans run our State into a ditch. We cannot stand by any longer and watch them bargain with the futures of our children and grandchildren so they can line their pockets with your hard earned money and let lawlessness prevail.

    We will make sure that Illinoisans are rewarded for their hard work. We will replace crony capitalism, special tax breaks for the well-connected, and an out of control welfare system, with a system that rewards hard work so we can show compassion to those who need it most. We will guard our religious liberty from those who seek to corrupt it. We will make sure that life is protected. We will fight for our second amendment rights and to secure our State from illegal immigrants. We need a Governor who stands for our values and does not fold to Chicago Democrats and Raunerites.

  5. Hearing a rant of criticism from a James Drury want to be, is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party. Virginian? How about being accountable and come out of the closet and use your real name.

    If you do, you can email me and discuss why McCann & Kash are viable together!

    If you don’t, everybody will believe you are a “hotdog” troll from the Democratic Party!

  6. I thought jack franks was banned from the county fair bc his 2017 balloons for kiddies were filled with his revolting mixture of hot air and reeking personal flatulence.

    It was sort of a health issue bc numerous teens thought they’d be inhaling helium in order to talk funny, but instead got trips to the ER!

    Many of the poor kids still haven’t fully recovered!!!

    Some have neurapthy in their limbs, some became delusional like the gas’ producer, one teen girl got huge cysts.

    Here’s a photo I snapped at last year’s fair with two of the balloon victims:

  7. Mr. Swanson, you have: a) been asleep for the last 2 years;
    b) been paid by Rauner or his flack Krchner;
    c) infiltrated the GOP from the Bernie People;
    d) been suffering from dementia;
    e) begun working for Kenneally or the IEA or H4H or PersonalPac; or
    f) been diagnosed with severe masochism.

    It’s gotta be one of these. Here’s your Rauner: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-rauner-gay-wedding-20180712-story.html

    From the Tribune story:

    On June 30, the Republican governor officiated the wedding of Cozzi and Goeke at a private club in Chicago. A photo of what appeared to be the governor with the grooms was posted to Cozzi’s Instagram account and later picked up by the conservative website Illinois Review.

    “Our core values embody what they seem to advocate,” the couple’s statement continued. “We got married, are starting a family and are actively involved in the community as well as philanthropy. We are bewildered why certain groups take offense at two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. We look forward to the fast-approaching day that this is not an issue.”

    Cozzi has served on the State Universities Retirement System board of trustees since 2017 and was previously appointed by Rauner to the Illinois State Board of Investment.

    In an emailed statement, Mike Ziri, director of public policy at Equality Illinois, an LGBTQ rights advocacy group, wrote: “We congratulate Mark and James on their wedding and wish them a lifetime of happiness. As chief executive of our state, it is appropriate for Gov. Rauner to administer government-sanctioned functions, including marriage. There is no license to discriminate in Illinois, as the Illinois Family Institute seems to falsely believe.”

  8. Mr. Glen Swanson (if it is really you)

    please resign ASAP from the GOP.

    You are one of the creatures who sabotaged the Party!

    Yes, Glen, I may be ‘opinionated’ >>>>>> But that is a damn sight better than deluded.

  9. I hear getting a “republikkklan”, is a red hot craze in the gay community.

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