County Board Member Michael Rein Holding Fundraiser August 15th

Michael Rein, one of the McHenry County Board members not afraid to stand up to Democratic Party Chairman Jack Franks, is holding a $50 Woodstock Square fundraiser the night of August 15th.

McHenry County Board member Michael Rein’s invitation to his August 15th fundraiser. The address is on the east side of the Woodstock Square up a steep flight of stairs.

Because of his standing up against our Board Chairman bully, Jack Franks’ allies attached Rein in the Republican Primary Election through an anonymous entity calling itself the “Illinois Integrity Fund.”

Besides Rein, included in the Re;publican candidates attacked by the Breaker Press-printed mailers were

  • Joe Tirio, running for County Clerk
  • Chuck Wheeler, running for County Board in the McfHenry-Richmond-Spring Grove area
  • Orville Brettman, running is District 6
  • Ersel Schuster, running in District 6

The negative mailings were successful in defeating Brettman and Schuster.

On the District 5 County Board Republican ballot with Rein is John Jung.

Running as Democrats are AFSCME union leader Carlos Acosta and former Green Party candidate Frank Wedig.



County Board Member Michael Rein Holding Fundraiser August 15th — 2 Comments

  1. Rein: Excellent

    Reinert: Ughhhh!

    Gottemoller: Ughhhhhh!x 2

    Aavang: Ughhhh! x 5

    McCann: Ughhhhh x 10

    Spoerl: Ughhhhh! x 17

  2. Rein is justifiably upset that too many people confuse him with Althoff’s pet RINO, John Reinert, who out to just drop the first 2 letters of his name to “Inert”

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