Lakewood Joins Police Departments’ National Night Out on Tuesday

For the first time in my memory the Lakewood Police Department is holding a National Night Out Tuesday from 5:30 to 8:30 at Redtail Golf Course, according to Chief Mike Roth.

Redtail Golf Course map.

“There will be food, music, and fund for the kids,” he says.

Firefighters and police officers will be available to talk to folks.

Crystal Lake’s event will be from 5 to 8 at Three Oaks Recreational Area.

Other community’s events can be found by typing “National Night Out” and the town’s name in any search engine.


Lakewood Joins Police Departments’ National Night Out on Tuesday — 5 Comments

  1. When Paul’s away, the mice will sure play.

    -Just hope they don’t go back to their corrupt ways!

  2. When you are employed by the government you sometimes must justify your existence.

  3. A neighborhood where everyone lives in beautiful surroundings, walks freely with thier families, travels safely to go buy virtually whatever they want from the store, has these type of comments towards community events….wow!

    That’s all I can say is…wow!

    As in, such bad morale, ungrateful, and unwilling.

    Having care about what goes on around you, would also require reaching out, spreading good, as opposed to hate, and getting involved.

    If this morale keeps up, or if everyone had these perspectives, our surroundings are sure to reflect it, hopefully, we all can catch this, before we destroy what we do have.

  4. Wow these comments are just discussing.. this Dept has integrity.

    They go out to serve and protect.

    What corruption are you even talking about??

    Tell me when chief Roth came in to run the Dept. With his staff what corruption took place?

    Stop spending false accusations.

    Shame on you ..

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