Rahm: “This is not Chicago.”

This is what was in the Chicago papers this morning:

sitting in the kitchen I saw a press conference featuring Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

He gave a good speech, full of emotion.

“This is not Chicago,” he asserted at one point.

Good line, but untrue.

As far back as 1969, Elvis Presley told us that.


Rahm: “This is not Chicago.” — 5 Comments

  1. Barry’s buddy is doing a great job of flushing the city down the toilet.

  2. The price of voting DEMOCRAT brings a social cancer with it.
    Remove the cause and you remove the effect.

    I have no pity for Rahm or his low I.Q. voting constituents who made it
    impossible for me and my family to live in peace and safety in the Austin district,
    and thereby made it necessary to flee in fear of our lives.

    100 years of DEMOCRAT control and they have learned nothing.

    Let them kill each other until they have achieved the success they so desperately desire
    in their quest for a DEMOCRAT utopian city.

  3. If it’s ‘Not Chicago’ what the hell is it?

    Africa? Mars? A delusion? Fake news?

    The crime problem has also been relocated HERE, but people like Franks, reick and Aavang won’t touch the iussue

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