Replacing State Rep. Nick Sauer

Nick Sauer

Karen Darsh

The big question in the Barrington area is who will replace disgraced State Rep. Nick Sauer in the Illinois House of Representatives.

Our sources say that Governor Bruce Rauner’s favorite is Barrington Mayor Karen Darch.

Helene Walsh talks to State Rep. Barb Wheeler and her husband Joe at one of Irene Napier’s Pro-Life fundraisers.

Also applying is Helene Walsh, the wife of former Congressman Joe Walsh, and Chris Bos, the Ela Township Republican Party Chairman.

Since most of the Republican voters are in Lake County, its Republican Party Chairman, Mark Shaw, will decide who is selected.

He was running as the conservative challenger for State Party Chairman, but settled for being named Co-Chairman to Tim Schneider, reportedly as a result of a deal with Governor Rauner.

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In other news about Nick Sauers reported by the Daily Herald:

Lake County state’s attorney now investigating Sauer allegations

Lake County prosecutors are investigating allegations former state Rep. Nick Sauer of Lake Barrington unlawfully posted nude photos of an ex-girlfriend on a fake Instagram account. Full Story


Replacing State Rep. Nick Sauer — 8 Comments

  1. “Barbwa” Wheeler-Dealer sold us out, so will Darch!

    Just send the Sauer investigation to Kenneally to go nowhere, maybe you’ll get a 52 page explanation about how it’s naughty but not criminal.

  2. How about replacing Reick, too!

    He’s an even bigger disgrace and RINO!

  3. She got paid by taxpayer sponsored paychecks that were garnished the pay he owed her.

    So now that she sees that she can profit off of the taxpayer longer, why not?

    Beats working.

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