Reflecting on Children at Trump and Woodstock Anti-ICE Rallies

From Dorr Township Republican Precinct Committeeman Rich Roston:

Lefty NYTimes photographer finds children at Trump rallies heartbreaking

I found it heartbreaking to watch mothers bring their children to an anti-ICE rally

McHenry County Jail

Damon Winter is a staff photographer for the Opinion section of the NYTimes.

Aug. 3, he opined in the declining publication that he remembered “being heartbroken that children were exposed to this anger, were learning from it and participating in it” while he referred to his perspective following Donald Trump’s campaign rallies in 2016.

I can almost relate; I found it heartbreaking to see mothers bring their children to an anti-ICE rally in Woodstock, IL, a few weeks ago.

Winter spoke of “the long weeks away from my own son that softened my eye and drew me toward parents and their children at Mr. Trump’s rallies.”

I was disheartened to see mothers who were bringing their children to an event based on a one-sided and false narrative.

It was as though I was watching their introduction to Leftist indoctrination.

Mr. Winter spoke of the hatred he witnessed at the Trump rallies as though that encapsulated the essence of the events.

I was at five of then Candidate Trump’s rallies in 2016.

I didn’t experience hatred.

I experienced a refreshing enthusiasm born on the promises of someone who wasn’t beholding to Swamp Creatures for his place in the polls – promises that, as President, he has kept far beyond anything I’ve ever seen in my 61 years.

Yes, I do recall when, even then, Donald Trump called out the media for its bias.

I remember the joy of turning to boo the buffoons sequestered in the back to provide their biased coverage of the event.

I didn’t sense any hatred towards the individuals.

But, I did recall feeling the joy at an opportunity to call out so-called journalists who actually serve as propagandists for the Left.

Above all, I felt that none of the boos or criticisms were unfounded.

I hoped that, maybe, one or two from their ranks would get a clue – would wake up to the crime they are perpetrating against their proclaimed profession, as well as against liberty and their country.

If children at the events saw this, it’s my hope that the lesson they learned was about the importance of a free press that is, above all, honest and unbiased.

Back in Woodstock, a few weeks ago, I saw angry mothers, sharing their anger with their children – their outrage against ICE.

Only, I knew that their outrage was misguided and manufactured.

Photos in the press were staged, false or from other times or events.

I recognized the issue as a construct of the Left with an eye on the November elections.

I also knew that the attitude of these mothers is far more responsible for the plight of illegal immigrant children at the border than anything Donald Trump has done as President.

Their soft-hearted (soft-headed) attitude is part of what entices parents to allow their children to make the risky trek to the border or, as is far more often the case, for unrelated illegal immigrants to bring along children as get-in-free passes to America.


Reflecting on Children at Trump and Woodstock Anti-ICE Rallies — 8 Comments

  1. Damon Winter should take his Lefty a$$ to the DEMOCRAT utopia of Chiraq where he would find plenty of DEAD children.
    But he won’t, because like all Lefties, he is a coward.

  2. An anonymous commenter calling someone a coward while hiding behind an anonymous account is perfect.

  3. Bring your tots to your attempted bank robbery; get caught during heist, expect tots to be separated from you.

    Bring your tots to a home burglary; get caught in the act; expect tots to be separated from you.

    Bring tots when you invade USA illegally; get apprehended; expect tots to be separated from you.

    Invading America is a crime, people.

    Wake up!

    Aliens’ illegal attempt to suck off welfare and more of our resources is a crime.

    Stay home and fix your own rotten country. USA not responsible (except for wrecking Iraq, Libya and Syria, send bills to Obama and Bush crime families)

  4. At the very least – 20% of the children were NOT with a guardian or parent. Bad things and people slip through. EVERYTHIBG AND ANYBODY IS FOR SALE AND FOR BAD OUTCOME.

  5. Not surprising that poorly informed mothers would bring children to an anti-ice rally/demonstration. They might be termed useful idiots who have been brainwashed by some crazy Democrat politicians and Democrat candidates calling for the abolishment of ICE. The mostly left wing media, cable and broadcast news networks, DO carry the water for and are in-the-tank for Democrats and promote the ideas and the nonsense from this Party.

    It is so sad that so many people have been misled and brainwashed by the mostly left leaning news media that includes some very big name newspapers in the U.S.

    The misinformation, bias and omissions of facts by the mostly left wing media reminds one of the old Soviet Union newspaper named Pravda. According to WIKI, “The newspaper was an organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union between 1912 and 1991.” Today’s mostly left leaning media is the modern day version of Pravda that promotes and endorses crazy Democrat and liberal ideas and positions.

  6. Dear Professor Emeritus: your last post is yet another brilliant display of political history knowledge; however, you forgot to mention people ate rats in the old Soviet Union and under any Socialist form of government. You are welcome. Stay tuned…91 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  7. Thank God the former “sex trafficker in Chief” Barry Sotero is no longer in charge.
    He should be held accountable.

  8. nancy D. – I saw an interview with an ICE agent down by the border and he said that only about 12% of the children are actually with their parents.

    The numbers when the Left went psychotic on this issue seemed to bear that out.

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