Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser Appears to Threaten Withdrawal of Senior Bus, Recycling , etc. Services Until Deputy Allowed in Building

Ryan Provenaano

When Ryan Provenzano was fired by Algonquin Township Supervisor Chuck Lutzow (with photographer from the Northwest Herald told when to come take a photo), he was also banned from the Algonquin Township Hall.

Provenzano was subsequently made Deputy Highway Commissioner by Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser, but not allowed to enter the Highway Department office, which is in the Township Hall.

Negotiations have been ongoing between Lutzow and Gasser to trade services for rent for the space his office occupies in the Township Hall.

Friday, Gasser ratcheted up the pressure by sending the following email:

From: Andrew Gasser <>
Date: August 3, 2018 at 3:42:33 PM CDT
To: Charles Lutzow <>
Cc: Ryan Provenzano <>, Pamela Gavers <>, Colleen Schor <>, Dorothy Wildeboer <>, Melissa Victor <>, Rachael Lawrence <>, Trustee Dan Shea <>, Dave Chapman <>

Subject: Lack of IGA [Intergovernmental Agreement]

Mr. Supervisor:

Andrews Gasser did not attend the August meeting.

It is very disappointing it has come to this.  The highway department has been more than lenient with work arrangements for the Deputy Highway Commissioner.  On no less than four (4) occasions I have personally approached you for a solution to accessing the highway department offices with no success.

You have no problem with the Deputy entering the building in which you banned him in writing to help set up functions in said building, yet, he does not have access to my office.

After eight (8) months of waiting this is completely unacceptable.

Effective immediately the Algonquin Township Highway Department will no longer be participating in the following functions:

  • Bingo Setup – this is a township function and not a highway department function.
  • Emptying recycling dumpsters – the recycling program is a township function which we can no longer participate in.
  • Electronics recycling – the recycling program is a township function which we can no longer participate in.
  • No pre-work premises inspection (walk around) – this is township property which should be cleaned up by the township and not the highway department.
  • No township mowing or watering on township property – this is a township responsibility.
  • No building maintenance/ trash collection – this is a township responsibility.
  • No scheduling of new bus rides after August 17th, 2018 – this is a township function.
  • No maintenance of township busses – this is a township responsibility.
  • No fuel for the township busses – this is a township responsibility.
  • No longer paying the salaries of bus drivers – this is a township responsibility.


Andrew Gasser,
Highway Commissioner, Algonquin Township
702 Northwest Highway, Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Phone: (847)639-2700  X6

Melissa Victor

During Trustee comment time at the end of the meeting, Trustee Melissa Victor took great offense at the announced end of township bus service for senior citizens.

She quoted the “Core Values” of Gasser’s Department:

Integrity First

Service Before Self

Excellence in all that we do

Community always

“I feel Mr. Gasser is lying to us,” Victor said.

“I’m very upset that Mr. Gasser ‘s removing these programs.”

Commenting on the announced suspension of scheduling of new bus rides as of August 17th, Supervisor Chuck Lutzow observed, “This has been a Road District program since I don’t know when.”

“We will serve our residents even if we do it with Nunda Township,” Trustee David Chapman declared.

Referring to Provenzano, Clerk Karen Lukasik interrupted to say, “He’s banned from the building.”

“The biggest problem is recycling,” Lutzow said.

“Some of that can probably be done easily.

“We certainly don’t have the money to contribute 100% to the bus service.

“I’d need to hire another person.”

Turning to the intergovernmental agreement he is negotiating with Gasser, Lutzow said he didn’t want to get into it too deeply.

At this point, Victor told of serveral seniors having come up to her needing rides for dialysis.

They were “very disturbed” at the potential end of bus service.

“This is something he promised us,” Victor continued.

“He promised no services would be cut.”

“Not letting Ryan in is superfluous to this,” Chapman added.


Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser Appears to Threaten Withdrawal of Senior Bus, Recycling , etc. Services Until Deputy Allowed in Building — 30 Comments

  1. Geeze, things sure have improved over there, hasn’t it?

    The children are still playing tag!

  2. LOL

    “We aren’t playing bingo anymore.”


    Andy’s a petulant child.

  3. Regardless of the reasons for this, Andrew is exactly correct.

    These functions have nothing to do with the Road District.

    The Road District is a separate entity from the township and apparently will remain so as a referendum question to allow potential consolidation was not able to advance in the township Board meeting.

    The Road District should never have been doing any of this to begin with.

    If the township wants to have some control over what the Road District does, they should have voted for the consolidation referendum.

    They are trying to have their cake and eat it too, it seems.

  4. It’s about time Andrew grew a set!

    Lutzow and his pals just found out that Gasser can upset their apple cart.

    That board is foolish to play their stupid games.

  5. A very sad threat to some of our most needy folks in the township made by a small minded man.

    Typical actions of a spoiled little wannabe come out in the light sooner or later.

    Now he runs off to hide.

  6. Is the Algonquin Township budgeting for a clown car they can all fit in? What a circus.

  7. Let’s face the truth. the former Road commissioner wanted to take over these services so he could ingratiate himself to all the seniors, the small homeowners groups who live on private roads (this means THAT road is their collective driveway) take responsibility people for your own Roads.

    Recycling was done with paid volunteers FOIA the public records and see who was paid Using the Township buildings for various fundraisers- and all the goodies that were provided at our expense subtlety implied support at election time. With a little bit of nvestigation you could probably look into just about every program offered and tie it into “remember… at election time.”

    As far as trustee Victor’s concern -they may want to call Senior Services who does offer transportation in some form also there are links to Pace.

    Now that there is the possibolty of taking away these perks, you hear the outcry.

  8. Little Tommy Snowflake calling Gasser a “small minded man”, all while while hiding behind anonymity.

    How brave he is !

  9. Let’s face is.

    Provenzano is a patronage hire, but Cal won’t ever call him that.

  10. Who cares if Ryan P is a patronage hire!

    Here is the reality, Bob’s three ring Rd District circus is over.

    There’s a new HC and this board went out of its way to alienate Andrew.

    F them.

    So they want these services, then they can take it out of their budget and pay for it.

    Now that the idiots on the board unlawfully transferred the board’s power to Chuck each new employee hired is at risk of being sued and the township board will be sued.

    Next we will hear them complain about legal fees.

    Stupid dummies!

  11. HonestAbe1 calling little Tommy a “snowflake” all while hiding behind anonymity.

    How brave is he is!
    How HonestAbe1 doesn’t understand irony!
    How dumb they are!

  12. Get rid of the empty busses, their drivers and maintenace on the taxpayer’s dime.

    Who voted for these costlt services???

    There’s no law for it!

    Miller did it to feather his nest and skim off the costs.

  13. Millers in jail yet???

    Let’s not forget why this is being discussed

    Right the wrong from Dorothy and her husband and the children she had

  14. The real story here is why won’t they let the patronage worker back in the building?

    What did he do?

  15. Thank you, ‘Known’.

    My sentiments exactly.

    Why are they involved in that crap anyway?

    Gasser just may reduce next years tax levy eliminating these extraneous programs along with wear and tear on the township buildings/parking lot/utilities on top of that!

    Let’s see more savings!!

    Go Gasser!

  16. Pure and simple, Provanzano’s are nothing more than political hacks. At least 3 generations worth!

  17. Sorry…clown cars drive on roads, falls under road district.

    So no, you can’t have one.

    Not even a pink one.

  18. All of this just serves to highlight the absurdity of township government.

    Who ever authorized townships to offer bingo, senior buses, recycling, food pantries, and chair yoga?

  19. Short Answer, Known: N O B O D Y except the pension pig township monkeys who seek to justify their blood-sucking.

  20. In Grafton Township Supervisor John Rossi took control of the senior bus program from the road district and no one complained at all.

  21. They are almost up to a half a million dollars in legal fees.

    We’re paying for this with our taxes.


    Get this wrapped up, and stop increases on our already high property taxes.

    Figure out who is supposed to pay for services and get it done.

    If the township can’t afford the services, than discontinue them.

  22. Abolish the township people.

    You have the power.

    Just start circulating a petition for the November election.

  23. If Provenzano got banned then surely the Millers should be banned.

    But that would only happen if they were objective civil servants and not political operatives.

  24. Algonquin Township under a low-IQ bottom feeder like Lutzow is a swamp that needs to be drained.

  25. Not one bus rider was ever denied.

    Two called worried and were quickly comforted when they heard they had their rides.

    I am curious to see who really complained.

    We actually reached out to many of them to let them know they would have rides.

    If you can get Nunda to pay for it – go for it.

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