Dillon’s Rule May Decide McHenry Township Challenge

Dillon’s Rule is a legal concept originating in Iowa which says that a local government can’t do anything it is not authorized to do by state law.

Now comes opponents of consolidating the McHenry Township Road District starting in 2021 with the part of McHenry Township rules by the Township Board, thus giving the Township Board control of the Highway Department.

I didn’t attend the McHenry Township meeting last Thursday, so I don’t know the details, but reading the article referenced below from the Northwest Herald should provide them:

McHenry Township residents threaten legal recourse over consolidation cost study

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks, a former state representative, said the bill never got a hearing because it was such a “Looney Tune” …

The question to be considered by the Court would seem to be whether electors at an annual township meeting can order the township board to conduct a cost-benefit study.

Reading the articles below will give some idea of the power of voters at an annual township meeting:

Thanks to State Rep. Allen Skillicorn for commissioning the above study by the Illinois Legislative Research Unit.


Dillon’s Rule May Decide McHenry Township Challenge — 19 Comments

  1. Team Anderson, this Blog, Team Gasser, and others are always saying let the people vote, yet now some of y’ll are fighting a vote already taken?

    Disingenuous BS for sure!

  2. Excellent post, Cal.

    The Township pension pigs, Like Leon Van Every, Bob Miller and Jimmy “The Squeeze” Condon allied with the big government Democrats like Robert “Ouija Board” Beltran want to derail a taxpayer’s revolt.

    Jack Franks is an opportunist, but he at least understands the public rage at the uselessness of townships in the 21st Century/

    Why do overpaid, nap-time township jobs attract so many creeps?

    Case-in-point, from Kane Co.:

    “Dundee Township Highway Commissioner Larry Braasch has been charged with indecent exposure after witnesses told police he inappropriately touched himself in front of children at a Myrtle Beach campground, Myrtle Beach Online reported.

    Braasch, 70, of Dundee Township, was arrested at about 4 p.m. June 15 after a lifeguard and several witnesses told police they saw him with his hands outside and inside of his pants at an indoor pool area at Ocean Lakes Family Campground, 6001 S. Kings Highway, in Myrtle Beach.

    He was charged with indecent exposure after witnesses said he was sitting near a glass door and touching his genital area while watching underage girls, Myrtle Beach Online said.”

  3. For a change, even Franks get’s it right!

    —and the proponents of Township Overtaxation trying to obstruct consolidtion will have nobody but the Township Officials of Illinois to blame for leaving the citizens w/o power.

    But let’s be a bit honest, the kooks and thugs who stacked the meeting for that vote were OUTSIDERS who didn’t even live in the township, plus township patronage workers themselves!

    LOOK AT THE ROSTER OF ATTENDEES [if it hasn’t been shredded yet]

  4. Unless there is something in the Township Code which says that electors at a town meeting can do that, they can’t do that.

    They can only consider such matters at a Special Meeting that could have been considered at the annual Town Meeting but were deferred.
    (60 ILCS 1/35-5)

    I did not see anything in that section that would authorize any studies.

    However, they can deal with “animals running at large” and “prohibit deposits of nightsoils within the township.”

  5. And the rump vote fostered by Jimmy Condon wasn’t even on the agenda as required by law.

    But Township stooges never seem to follow the law, anyway.


    The Chemung Township Board will consider several possible actions to take against a highway commissioner charged with drunken driving in a township vehicle.

    Joe Hermonson, 44, was arrested Jan. 7.

    He is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding and illegal transportation of alcohol, according to Harvard police

  6. I’m in favor of the change, but others aren’t and voted for some proof it will save tax $$$$ like Bob Anderson says.

    Why is their vote not also important, it was done by the rules I believe?

    The double back excuses are nonsensical also.

  7. But Melissa Victor the fake Republican said GASBAG is a MEANIE!

    So who is really right??

  8. Examples from other townships not one from Mchenry.

    Bob didn’t even show up to the annual meeting and now he is pissed off that the taxpayers want a study?

    Well guess what Boo to damn bad.

    Do your job and get the study done.

    You were elected to serve the people not to do as you please.

    What a joke he is

  9. The point of the referendum is not really to save money so much as to put the Road District under more representative controls so it is not a one man fiefdom that can lead to the abuses we saw in AL township under the Millers.

    Right now there are no eyes on the Road District doings. The Road Commissioner is God.

    People who call for “studies” are just trying to derail the effort.

  10. Ooh, Machone, watch your blood pressure.

    Anybody at the last meeting is probably wondering how many times former road commissioner Leon VanEvery had to practice his stilted performance for maximum effect.

    Makes you wonder who called the paper to get a photographer (not there usually) and why Condon had a sport coat on.

    Just some township under the table planning.

    Typical of the players but as noted by someone elsewhere on this blog, it’s hilarious to see VanEvery on the front page of the NWH with his nuts in his hand.

  11. From what I have seen and heard a lot of the road districts doings get passed through the trustees.

    Purchase of the mini excavator for example the trustees approved that.

    Also a ditching project somewhere it was mentioned at the last meeting just not sure of the details.

  12. The only thing the trustees can vote on of the road dist. Is the budget.

    If there is a line item for a certain number of dollars the Commissioner can spend it on anything he wants to.

    the trustees can complain all they want about spending but that’s all they can do.

    if Anderson wants to control the road dist he should run for Road Commissioner then he could institute all his money saving ideas all by himself,but wait he doesn’t really have any.

  13. Machone, fess up, you work for the township, i guess I should written sponge.

    And you’re here on taxpayer time!

  14. Umm no I don’t work for a township.

    Haha here on taxpayer dime!

    I would love to see you prove that.

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