Long-Time Political Analyst Predicts, “Rauner will lose as surely as the sun sets in the West.”

Read why Russ Stewart concludes his column on the Governor’s race with those words here.


Long-Time Political Analyst Predicts, “Rauner will lose as surely as the sun sets in the West.” — 11 Comments

  1. Rauner not so good. BUT, Pritzker an absolute disaster for homeowners and hardworking families of Illinois. Pritzker will raise income taxes to help pay for the absolutely ridiculous pension provisions for government workers and government retirees. Pritzker will start taxing pensions and social security of our senior citizens.

    What are Pritzker’s accomplishments? Is he the same as Barak Obama of Chicago who had no accomplishments of note and went on to become a us senator with no accomplishments? And then had a disastrous 8 years as a so-called president?

    Too bad that Jeanne Ives did not defeat Rauner. She would have been a savior for Illinois. Rauner is bad but Pritzker would absolutely be worse. We are left with the lesser of two evils. And that would be Rauner. What a sad state of affairs that we have these two guys as our choice in Illinois. Illinois. The absolute worst State of the US in numerous ways.

  2. Only salvation would be for Rauner to step aside and hand off the campaign to someone else, preferably Ives.

    Otherwise it will get a heck of a lot worse before it gets better.

    Maybe a race to the bottom will finish this state off faster in order to get the change needed.

  3. Large majority of Americans would take Obama back over Trump in a second. Best President in recent history!!!

  4. It is inevitable.

    The cost to rid Illinois of the worst governor in the country will be great
    but it must be paid, so be it.

    Send the Republican elite establishment a message and reject RINO Rauner in November.

  5. No CP, he’s not kidding.
    He has stage 4 TDS. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  6. No CP, he is not joking.

    He is afflicted with stage 4 TDS.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  7. LOL – Russ Stewart. I have rarely seen a person be as wrong about his predictions, and inaccurate with his “facts”, than Russ Stewart.

    But he didn’t exactly go out on a limb on this one…

  8. On the bright side if Pritzker gets in maybe McHenry County will get rid of POS Frank’s since they all run together.

    Hell for Illinois but definitely a bonus for McHenry County.

  9. Sorry Bred. I cannot vote for Rauner.


    Let the whole thing disintegrate into a Madigan Leftist v. Ultra-Leftist fight.

    It’s creative destruction of the whole state.

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