Carl Davis to Lead Lakewood

Carl Davis

Long-time Village Trustee Carl Davis was sworn in to replace recently-departed Village President Paul Serwatka Friday, according to Village CEO Jeanne Smith.

Davis’ mild-mannered approach to governance could not be much farther from the approach of his predecessor.

He is one of only two members of the Village Board to live on the east side of town near Crystal Lake.

Davis’ selection was made by the Village Board at a special meeting on Friday night.

The vote was unanimous.


Carl Davis to Lead Lakewood — 2 Comments

  1. Congratulations Carl.

    Next stop on cleaning up house is Serwatka’s Village Administrator.

    Lakewood deserves better for that enormous salary being paid.

  2. Hopefully, this is permanent!

    Methodical thinker!

    Congratulations Carl!

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