Reick Goes after Pensions of Sex Abusing Teachers

Found on State Rep. Steve Reick’s web site:

Rep. Reick Files Legislation to Strip Teachers who Sexually Abuse Students of their Pensions

At a recent joint meeting of the House and Senate K-12 Education Committees, a former Walter Payton College Preparatory student testified that the Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) teacher who sexually abused her at school when she was 14 is now collecting a taxpayer-funded pension.

Outraged by her testimony, State Representative Steve Reick (R-Woodstock) has filed legislation that would strip teachers who molest school children of their public pensions.

Steve Reick at a committee hearing.

“I was shocked to learn that there was no provision in Illinois law to take these child predators’ pensions away,” said Reick.

“School is a place where students should feel safe, and we’ve learned of numerous instances where the teachers charged with protecting kids have actually been sexually abusing them.

“And this is not just limited to CPS. There are cases right here in McHenry and Kane Counties alleging sexual misconduct by teachers toward students.

“It’s sickening.”

HB 5929, filed July 9 in Springfield, would amend the Chicago and Downstate Articles of the Pension Code to allow the forfeiture of pension benefits of any teacher who is found through an administrative hearing to have sexually abused a student.

“This legislation puts Illinois teachers on notice that when they sign up for a public pension, they do so knowing that the benefit will be taken away if they violate a child,” Reick said.

“It’s a real shame that we even need to legislate this. In the case of former Walter Payton College Prep student Morgan Aranda, it’s as though her abuser was rewarded for his despicable acts.”

While Reick said he would have preferred to write legislation that would retroactively remove pensions from child abusers, the pension guarantee written into the Illinois Constitution prohibits it.

His bill would apply to any teacher hired after the effective date of the bill. Reick expects wide, bipartisan support of his legislation and hopes it will be heard during the legislature’s upcoming fall veto session.

If passed and signed into law, the provisions of HB 5929 would take effect immediately.


Reick Goes after Pensions of Sex Abusing Teachers — 14 Comments

  1. A DEMOCRAT wouldn’t have the balls to do what Rep. Reick is doing – this MUST be done.

    On behalf of beleaguered taxpayers of Illinois, thank you Rep. Reick.

  2. Hey Steve welcome back…

    I mean this sincerely, this is much needed legislation.but please don’t stop here, all public officials should be subject to this….

    Right now there is a local police chief doing time for rape and collecting his pension from the state and then Go after the pensions of Politicians like Mel Reynolds and the Jessie Jackson Jrs of Illinois….

  3. Hey Steve, Welcome back!

    This is much needed legislation that is way past due

    But please do not stop at Teachers we have corrupt politicians and other public officals.

    There is I believe a former Local Police Chief doing time for Rape and still collecting his pension and then we have the
    Jessie Jackson Jrs and The Mel Reynolds of the world….leaching off the system….

  4. No one convicted of a crime should be able to collect a taxpayer paid pension.

    First off think of what a deterrent that would be.

    Any person, Any crime!

    I hope State Representative Steve Reick has all parties support on this.

  5. So where’s ARL ?
    Nothing to say about your pervert brethren ?

  6. This is a nice headline grabber, but the effort would be better spent on amending the Illinois Constitution to get rid of the ridiculous pension guarantee entirely.

  7. **the effort would be better spent on amending the Illinois Constitution to get rid of the ridiculous pension guarantee entirely.**

    LOL – good luck with that.

  8. “Illinois ILCS 40 5/2-156 Pensions of public employees and officials can be revoked for conviction of any felony related to official duties. Trustees of individual pension fund make final decision after conviction”.

    Who makes that decision.

    Not good enough in my opinion.

    All states are weak on this.

  9. **Who makes that decision. **

    Do you always ask questions that you answer in the previous sentence?

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