Bob Anderson Continues NWH Drumbeat for Township Consolidation

The following letter from McHenry Township Trustee Bob Anderson was published in the Northwest Herald and is reprinted her with his permission:

Passage of McHenry Township Consolidation Referendum Would Eliminate One Unit of Local Government

Wake up Illinoisans, you are no longer living in “The Land of Lincoln’ you are living in the ‘Land of 7,000 Governments’, which is, by far, the most in the nation.
Most of Illinois residents know of some one who has fled Illinois.
Last year, alone. Illinois lost more than 33,000 net people and has moved behind Pennsylvania in population to be come the sixth most populous largest state.

Not only is the consolidation group writing letters to the editor, but it is demonstrating on Route 31.

Illinois  has had a net population loss four years in a row. Because of this, Illinois is on tract to lose two congressional seats.
Not a good thing when it comes to representation in Washington.
To support these 7,000 governments, Illinois residents pay the highest combined income tax, property tax and sales tax burden in the nation.
Citizens of Illinois also pay the second highest property tax in the U. S.

The proponents of consolidating the McHenry Township Road District with the Township have two types of yard signs.

There are over 3,000 counties in the nation. McHenry county home owners pay the 29th highest property tax of all counties.

The average property tax bill in McHenry county is $6,783, that’s about double of the national average.
Minimize your tax bills by minimizing government cost.
Support all efforts of government consolidation.
Because consolidation saves money, your money.

Dogs for consolidation?

There will not be any tax relief in Illinois until taxpayers take action at the ballot box to reduce the size and cost of its nation leading 7,000 units of government.

Vote yes in McHenry Township for road district consolidation.
Get the ball rolling for government consolidation.


Bob Anderson Continues NWH Drumbeat for Township Consolidation — 6 Comments

  1. There Bob goes again, never can go without some lying for political gain:…/us-states-with-the-highest-tax…
    8. Illinois
    Total tax burden: 10.08 percent
    Property tax burden: 4.11 percent
    Individual income tax burden: 2.44 percent
    Total sales and excise tax burden: 3.53 percent
    1. New York
    Total tax burden: 13.04 percent
    Property tax burden: 4.62 percent
    Individual income tax burden: 4.78 percent
    Total sales and excise tax burden: 3.64 percent
    New York: 12.7 percent
    Connecticut: 12.6 percent
    New Jersey: 12.2 percent
    Illinois: 11 percent
    California: 11 percent
    Wisconsin: 11 percent…/number-of-governments-by…
    New York 3,453
    Connecticut 643
    New Jersey 1,344
    Illinois 6,963
    California 4,425
    Wisconsin 3,128

    There is no direct correlation between the number of units of government and high taxation. NY, Conn, and NJ all have less than IL yet pay more in total taxes.
    NJ has the highest property taxes yet has way less units of gov than IL.
    Bob Anderson is feeding ya BS.

  2. Another ploy by Bob Anderson to get people to drink his kool-aid.

    Tell the people how you collect a taxpayer funded pension but claim to be a tax fighter.

    Or how you rebuilt you shanty on the lake into a mansion with no permits got caught.

    Now you bitch that your taxes go up?

    Pay your fair share Bob.

  3. You also aren’t supposed to put signs in the city of mchenry.

    Why weren’t the police there to ticket them or make them remove their signs?

    A bunch of kids who aren’t even old enough to vote doing bobs bidding sick!

  4. Why are you people so obsessed with Bob Anderson?

    Ned Neumann says he hates Bob’s anti-township agenda yet favors this referendum.

    I notice you rarely address Ned and always frame this as some coup that Bob alone has foisted across the voters of McHenry Township.

    If this is so unpopular, why did the majority of the board vote to put this referendum on the ballot?

    Surely what’s unpopular to voters means more to trustees (who are elected by voters) than what is unpopular to one old cranky barber.

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